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  1. Do hope that the second leg is played on the Wednesday, I'll be on a flight to Hong Kong at kick off.
  2. My Google calendar (which has our fixtures sync'd up) has just been automatically updated with Tuesday 24th January for the first leg and then Tuesday 31st January for the second leg.
  3. Bruce proving once again that he is literally the worst.
  4. Sifu


    Cheers for the recommendations, will have a look see
  5. Sifu


    Planning on Athens for 5 days in March, any recommendations on where to go?
  6. For whoever is wondering, the commentator is:
  7. Sifu

    Miguel Almirón

    His first goal was like Maxi's against Wolves...a time slowed down moment. Phenomenal goal.
  8. Sifu

    Footy trivia

    Will be working a bit late on Thursday...if it's 8pm onwards though, all good.
  9. Sifu

    Ryan Fraser

    When the next option is Murphy, Fraser will always be the choice for LW (obviously we all want St Maximin out there as first choice).
  10. Sifu

    Footy trivia

    Be up for that aye! Any day apart from Tuesday, Thursdays and any match days.
  11. Sifu

    Dogawful Officiating

    Marriner has always screwed us one way or another so I fully blame him on this evening. He's got that Mike Dean vibe of "oh, I'm Billy Big Bollocks"
  12. Sifu

    Alexander Isak

    Brilliant debut. We've got a real player.
  13. First match I'm missing this season and I'm gutted!
  14. Sifu

    Nick Pope

    Won't lie, this is hilarious (yes, I'm easily amused)
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