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  1. The nostalgia is what's got me. You can tell that it's not going to be a classic but to revisit the characters, the history and the mythos will be do me just fine.
  2. Sifu

    Steve Bruce

    This is the primary reason why I have little to no respect to Mark Douglas as well, they're all happy to toe the line as long as they get to speak to the club. Need more Craig Hopes in our lives.
  3. If 14 years of Mike Ashley is having no effect on them, they've got no hope.
  4. Good thing that fans are (as it stands, that is) allowed back into stadiums. It'll mean that live TV coverage will be minimal and I won't find myself succumbing to temptation/curiosity and watch matches.
  5. Absolutely crucial that Jones remains part of the England coaching setup for next year's World Cup - Southgate needs that additional opinion/influence to balance out his conservative tactics. My overall feeling is Southgate is still the one for the job as his way of thinking is more suited to a tournament format rather than a club setting. This England team has done us proud this summer and you can't dismiss the good Southgate has done (managing the media well, getting that team spirit up and galvanising his players and the country); no-one is perfect though so some criticism does
  6. A taller keeper/someone with a longer reach would have saved that.
  7. It'll probably be the case that we'll win tomorrow but then lose to Sweden in the quarter finals with Krafth scoring the winner
  8. As long as he doesn't talk about us, Richards is sound
  9. Great goal, utter brilliance.
  10. Based on tonight's game so far and their performance against Hungary, as long as we don't give them the time and space, we have every chance of getting past France.
  11. We should give Graeme Jones' diamond formation a try tomorrow
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