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  1. You need to compare them both against the same data-set or it's just misleading...Gorgon with 1.92 shots per 90 is 93rd percentile, ASM with 2.08 per 90 is 40th percentile?
  2. Sounds awful, I hope the search and rescue teams have a lot of success over the next few days.
  3. Central Americans not Americans?
  4. Stolen by the rich indeed. I just pirate every single one no remorse.
  5. Haha, sounds like Brighton.
  6. Jimburst


    In Scotland there's no lower limit. You just can't drink and drive AIFIK. Seems very sensible.
  7. Pretty much what I did too, but nketiah made it on for me due to other players not playing. Wilson surely plays by now.
  8. Keep Wilson in? Swapping nketiah or Wilson for mitro for the dgw. Wilson has the best fixtures, has only been Ill...should be raring to go tbh. When do we hear from Eddie for tomorrow's match?
  9. How does that work? You've still got the same amount of blood and liver capacity, but I guess maybe it just hits really quickly? Like when you have a drink and you haven't eaten all day.
  10. I thibk being injured and being ill are unrelated. Just bad luck.
  11. Don't tell them ffs. A tiny amount of justice.
  12. Jimburst

    Who's ill?

    Shite man, glad to hear she's okay. How old is she?
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