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  1. 4 minutes ago, JonBez comesock said:

    I agree with most of the above , they were just two quick examples 


    £25 is a decent amount of money 


    Even for two very good loans - don’t have to be forwards 


    As mentioned they have a very good forward in Cornet 

    He’s not a striker though is he? Thought he was a winger (could be wrong).

  2. Just now, SUPERTOON said:

    Would be a decent signing at this stage.

     absolutely, double figures last 4 season or so. good player and ideal for where we are.

  3. Berge was a hell of a coup when Sheffield United signed him but he’s been underwhelming in the championship by all accounts. I’m sure klopp wanted him at Liverpool at one point.

  4. 41 minutes ago, 54 said:

    Potentially going from:


    Murphy - Lascelles - Clark - Ritchie 




    Trippier - Botman - Schar - Digne





    as if he's picking schar over lascelles. 😂 

  5. 7 minutes ago, Karjala said:

    1/3rd of the season gone, zero wins, worst defensive record in the league, just shipped 3 at home to the mighty Brentford in another must win match, 5pts off safety with a worse goal difference.


    Hard to see us stopping up, even the teams supposedly worse than us according to many, are picking up points.


    Take a miracle now. I really don't understand all the optimism after a 3-3 home draw with a newly promoted team.

    did you go today (genuine question, not having a go)?


    i think most who did have a feeling of optimism because there were lots of positives to take both on the pitch and off it.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Thomson Mouse said:


    I’m not sure that Jones is a shit coach but I’d agree with Ritchie.


    But then if he comes in I doubt he’ll have a full coaching team ready to go as he’s been out a while so it makes sense he’ll work with the senior coach until he gets sorted out. As for Ritchie, he’s clearly one of the ‘senior players’ and does seem to care about the club. Working effectively with the the likes of him will get the players quickly on side.



    the jones is shit line is boring man.

  7. Just now, Danh1 said:

    Feeling much better about Howe now. Was gutted this morning but fuck it, let’s get behind Eddie.


    Just be good to have someone external come in and try and do something different with the players. 


  8. Just now, Jackie Broon said:


    Yeah, but in that time they essentially appointed Fonseca, then changed their mind because their new DOF thought his philosophy was too attack minded, then essentially appointed Gattuso, then changed their mind again when people pointed out that he'd made homophobic comments in the past.


    thats an even bigger farce tbh

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