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  1. Spot on. Would love us to give George Boyd a shot. Peterborough would want silly money for him though as they dont really need to sell. People bang on about Maclean and Mackail-Smith at POSH but in my opinion they would be average league 2 players/non-league were it not for Boyd, a really really good forward thinking midfielder/attacker.
  2. Surely were stuck with Adidas for at least one more season after this? I thought the home kits had to be current for two seasons and as this is only the first season of this kit meaning we could well be playing at the 'Adidas Asylum' next season.
  3. andy_w_1986


    Always buy one but rarely wear it. On this subject, i know an irish lad who refuses to wear them and seems to have great anger towards them due to the irish being used as 'cannon-fodder' during the 1st world war (think it may have been the battle of the somme but wasn't really listening as he was going on). If this is the case, my history is poor so im probably wrong, would that be why Eddie Jordan wasn't wearing one during this weekends F1? Noticed he wasn't wearing one so figured this may have been the reason as im sure the BBC would encourage everyone to wear one.
  4. No offence taken, i didnt write it. Dont get me wrong i wouldnt put it in my top 10 (not like i have a top 10) just thought some of the points it makes were quite good in the context of uni. The tutor was encouraging us to take our own routes and not just follow like sheep.
  5. Not really life changing but through Uni i was encouraged to read 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull' i think the author is someone Bach and 'The Alchemist' Paoulo Coelho (sp?). As i said not especially life changing but they were interesting and did make me question a few things, think one of the main messages was dont be affraid to challenge the norm etc etc. Would recommend them, only short books but quite decent.
  6. We went for the Virgin package as it appeared to have everything the same as Sky other than Sky Sports which you can pay extra for anyway. Also with Sky you have to pay BT line rental which you dont need with Virgin, was a couple years ago we did this so things may have changed slightly.
  7. andy_w_1986

    Train fares.

    Im not sure if things have changed recently but when i used to frequently use trains there was an allocated amount of different tickets. Back in the day i think the ticket to get was an APEX, not sure if its the same now, and this was some form of advanced ticket of which x amount was allocated to the journey. I remember this as once i was trying to get to Leeds the next day so went for a advanced ticket to be told they had sold out. As i say things may have changed as it was a few years ago now.
  8. Unfortunately not, couldnt get a ticket. Would certainly be interested in sharing the driving mext season, as i would inevitable have to drive past Brundall to get anywhere it would be ideal. Just out of interest do you tend to drive there and back on the day of the match or stay over night? Just to be clear, im not suggesting we share a hotel room before anybody gets any ideas!
  9. Im going to be moving back to Norfolk this summer and would certainly be interested in sharing the journey! Where about are you? I will be living just outside the wonderful Great Yarmouth.
  10. Ive tried most of them, i think you need to remember that the 'results' depend very much on yourself. I used to use maximuscle progain, trained lots had a good programme etc and really got some good results. Moved on to myprotein for a while and to be honest it wasnt right for me, it didnt appear to be doing anything and if anything i was losing muscle size which isnt a good sign. Since then ive moved onto USN protein (think its called IGF), it is expensive but very good, of all the ones ive tried its easily the best, good results and also much easier to drink as it seems to be smoother. Lately ive stopped going to the gym, reaching the end of uni so dont have the time for it, but when i get back into it USN will be where my money will go.
  11. Also it needs to be said it is the worst year ever to graduate, the company i worked for are massive (ConocoPhillips) and they arent taking graduates on this year likewise loads of other companies.
  12. Im graduating this year, started to look at graduate jobs but decided it better to concentrate on getting a good degree. It seems silly to secure a great job offer then miss out on a good degree classification, anybody who has looked for graduate positons will understand the time commitment required for the application process. Im quite fortunate in as much as i did a 12 month placement so hopefully that will help me out a little bit once ive graduated.
  13. That's Japanese for f***'s sake. No im pretty sure its Japanese for 'hello'....
  14. andy_w_1986

    They're Back

    "Geoff man, ma eyes man!"
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