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  1. Is bbc coverage of the game resuming or has it been binned off?
  2. Watching it live and seeing his face before the cameras went away, jesus i hope by some miracle he is alive
  3. Is there a reason skybet doesn't have subs on the next goalscorer list i.e. chiesa?
  4. Commentators having an orgasm over 3 minutes of posession that led to nothing other than an overhit kyle walker cross is pathetic.
  5. I hate the praise he gets when the horrendous performances were not scrutinised or even acknowledged. Just no balance, and all because of media pals.
  6. Is Ruben Dias for Ballon D'or a ridiculous shout? Especially if portugal do well in the Euros.
  7. Can't wait to see a charter that the big 6 already comply with, but that the clubs outside have to do loads of work to achieve. Fully expect a no saudis clause too.
  8. Jesus leeds or wolves!? We finished 3rd and were the highest scoring team in the league. Who was asking the question, an 8 year old? Yet another reason why the twittersphere is so awful on football.
  9. What the hell is going on? Just been reading the words 'sensational strike', 'what a goal' for an awful pass of a free kick that the wall somehow jumped out of the way of!
  10. I haven't signed up to the NUFC trust pledge yet, but I would genuinely pay good money to any cause that could see Luke Edwards banned from St James' Park for life.
  11. HTT if you find ASM "very frustrating", i dread to think how you feel about the rest of this squad. Shelvey must give you a heart attack.
  12. Does anyone know how the superleague clubs feel about uefa's cl expansion plan? If they oppose it, is it possible the superleague announcement is designed to give them more power in negotiations on format or tv rights?
  13. Big crossroads for the EPL really. Take a stand now or bow down and let these clubs rule even more than they already do. Banning and points deduction would be amazing.
  14. With Castore taking over, if you bought a shirt from this shop/them does that mean no money to mike ashley/club? Or still got his claws in? A lot of people don't buy shirts any more but would be interesting if that changed.
  15. Seen this discussed a few times now and I don't really get the timing. I know supporters who have happily clapped along and paid for tickets over the last decade, during which there has been ZERO hope with the fat cancer going nowhere. At that stage, they should have hoped for relegation. But they didn't. Right now, even if you think the takeover is going to fail, is the only time in years we have any remote hope (no matter how small you think it is) of escaping to a club that can progress. And yet it is this moment they choose to see it burn down? Don't get that at all.
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