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  1. Big river was good, but jesus christ there is some relentless shite blared over that PA system. Just leave the crowd to build the atmosphere. And as said above, what on earth is that blaydon races version?
  2. Thorpinho

    Steve Bruce

    Exactly same here. Logical head says it probably doesn't matter long term, but i can't hide the fact i'd feel so underwhelmed by it when i turn up on sunday. It is a once in a generation game of pure optimism, wor flags with an amazing display.... then us all just sat there hating on bruce and telling him to get out.
  3. Love their new video that popped up on fb this morning. Hope they have the keegan quote one up again.
  4. Thorpinho

    Steve Bruce

    I'm not sure who disgusts me more, Bruce or that cunt edwards taking whatever scraps of bacon he's thrown by his bezzie mate.
  5. Thorpinho

    Steve Bruce

    She really needs to read the room and understand how hated Bruce is. Leaving him in for spurs just leads to toxic chants of 'you're getting sacked in the morning' and loses the opportunity of a great atmosphere that might actually help us win. Huge mistake to leave the inevitable hanging.
  6. Thorpinho

    Steve Bruce

    Sure its been done before, but how does he compare to others? Like is that win % one of the worst ever? I hope so.
  7. Thorpinho

    Steve Bruce

    Where is that game of thrones shame walk meme when you need it
  8. Not getting into comparisons or whatabouttery, but i saw someone trying to suggest Abramovich was linked to multiple murders/dodgy stuff. Any truth to that?? I am assuming not.
  9. Thorpinho


    The 'those in support' section of that article on the BBC is amazing. Literally the best they could come up with was Tim Cahill would Australia to qualify quicker and he would also like to see Oman given a turn.
  10. Thorpinho


    Surely that hang the doctors woman has to be done for some sort of hate speech or incitement!?
  11. The pilot scheme was announced in May and Gove used it after the champions league final. Or was that something different?
  12. Portugal desperately missing Cancelo
  13. Is bbc coverage of the game resuming or has it been binned off?
  14. Watching it live and seeing his face before the cameras went away, jesus i hope by some miracle he is alive
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