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  1. Thorpinho


    Make it mandatory to register the test and provide the nhs confirmation instead
  2. Has it been reported anywhere what PEA actually did to piss arteta off so much? Saw about the late back to training thing, but not much else.
  3. Spunking our new found wealth on the likes of dembele is such a stupid waste of money. Would be very disappointed if any owners were daft enough to fall for his agent's crap.
  4. Going into the window we needed that spirit and not a hammering, will do transfer negotiations with unsure players the world of good.
  5. Looking at our bench thinking christ maybe covid hit us or something, then realising that no our squad is just absolutely awful.
  6. Thorpinho


    This is an amazing thread to read back about 10-20 pages ago. Perfect example of bruce's ineptitude.
  7. Just read gerrard's press conference comments. Christ i am so happy we have got howe and not him. Regardless of how well he does the patter is clearly going to be a pfm wankfest.
  8. In the past when a half season ticket has been done, did that entitle the holder to renew for the full season next year? Or was it just a half season with your seat then up for sale again?
  9. If Howe can form a relationship with asm then i'm confident he can coach him to be a much better player in terms of his positioning. It is very obvious that oppo teams deliberately foul him when he tries to transition and counter around the half way line, and that they fear doing so in the final third. I'd just have him switching wings throughout the game and to be the guy who receives the pass from transition and not other way round. Almiron bringing it out would be better, similar to what Jonas used to do. My only fear with ASM is that he doesn't like strict coaches, and i suspect thats what
  10. Stressful few hours ahead to see if he turns up. Like him or don't like him, if it collapses that is seriously damaging to their credibility in negotiations with players etc in Jan.
  11. Might sound bitter, but i really hope he does well before january just to show how incompetent bruce was and what an actual football manager can get out of the squad. That's as good a reason for any fan to get behind him!
  12. Do the media and PFM pundit gang like Howe? Could be helpful if so to have some positive narrative against all the post takeover sniping.
  13. The takeover and Emery is nice. Luke Edwards becoming even more of an irrelevance overnight is fucking beautiful.
  14. Haha jesus not in talks...maybe Steve Bruce left a manuscript of his new book "manager" with the new owners and they have read chapter 1 titled "do nothing and go on holiday".
  15. The question isn't "is he a half competent manager better than bruce?". It is "is he the best candidate available to us?". The unequivocal answers to those questions are yes and (probably) no. If other candidates rejected us then fair enough, but no way on earth should he be top of anyone's list.
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