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  1. This is taking me back to the Hitzfeld days, when we all seemed to be willing it to happen…….this time……..it does 🤞
  2. If he was thoughtful and meticulous in his approach to the way we play and considered the opponents (rather than simply “bigging them up”) then he could be called Jumbo Higgingbottom for all I care…..Kevin, Bobby, Chris, Glen…
  3. I suppose this is what 14 years of Ashley and two and a bit of the lard monster has done to us After watching the doco on PF at Shaktar it obvious he is meticulous in his approach and would tweak what we have to improve performances and fitness levels (the early stages of games have proved we can actually play a bit….but fitness is shot)…..I am astounded that some are saying maybe we shouldn’t aim high yet as we need to survive….shit let’s get another PFM relegation battler in then….err no fuck that! Look what Rafa achieved when we got Rondon/Migs in (small changes : b
  4. Mag_in_NZ


    after his performance at Hicksville on Wear........SMB (Short Memoried Bastards)
  5. Mag_in_NZ


    Need to update this as it goes
  6. It may be just the old saying "never speak ill of the dead" that the media expect us to adhere to So Steve.......don't darken our fucking doors again and if you do it'll be too fucking soon
  7. Let’s play…..that’s a second
  8. Yep, you'll do for me bonny lad
  9. He's gone as soon as this details are sorted and he knows it, everything about his demeanour was downbeat, he is a broken man using what little time he has left to get frustrated at anyone around him (journalists) Obnoxious, petulant stain on the club that is soon to be removed
  10. Got to love it tho’ going to cut out after match beers…..I think we’d all have been happier if he’d cut out the pre-match beers based on some of last season’s performances edit : NPW
  11. I'll give him the same amount of respect he has shown the fans in the last 3 years........fuck all Sling your hook you Lurpak stinking, Vogon faced, pathetic excuse for an apologist....and take your "wu'll dust wasels doon", "well yu know" and every other mannerism you have infested OUR club with.......If I never hear your name again it will be too soon
  12. The reason I joined NO……seems a lifetime ago 😢
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