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  1. Apologies if it’s been covered in here already. But wtf is the whole ‘Sue?’ craic from the crowd when Ronaldo scores? When did that start? Is it a Real Madrid thing? Honestly, I don’t get it and I thought it all sounded a bit cringe when he scored.
  2. He slipped on a pie in the Gallowgate and got a really bad brain injury. Quite sad really. He’s unrecognisable nowadays. I do wonder if he’d still be able to do it for a one off.
  3. Congrats to Greg and Heron. Two great lads and I’m proud to know them! Really looking forward to seeing what Chris can bring to the table as well 👍🏻
  4. TheGuv

    Stag Ideas

    I do quite like the idea of not allowing him to laugh it off, and just making him look a prick Another good one. He could get murdered for that mind. Love it
  5. TheGuv

    Stag Ideas

    How do you even do that?
  6. TheGuv

    Stag Ideas

  7. TheGuv

    Stag Ideas

    I’ve left this rather last minute (I’ve booked the rest of the stag!), however I probably need the stag dressed up for one of the nights. Are there any good singular outfits you’ve seen on a Stag Do? Or any good ideas that I could steal…
  8. For season tickets though. Not just the West Ham game.
  9. Every section of the ground has tickets available. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Could we see sub 40k crowds for the first time since the expansion in 2000?
  10. 7 years since I’ve had a season ticket and I think I’ve been to two games since then (both free tickets and one was in a box - so fancied the freebie!). I would say I’m a strong 9.9. I actively want this NUFC to lose, but there’s the tiniest bit of me that wants us to stay in the league long enough for a takeover. If we were to get relegated before a takeover occurs - then the club deserves everything it gets. And I’ve no idea how bad it truly could get, but I think it could be devastatingly bad. Will I care? Probably - but it’s too hard to quantify these days.
  11. TheGuv

    Posters in Public

    Yep 👍🏻 Should have said Hello!
  12. TheGuv

    On this day...

    https://www.nufc.com/html/2011-12html/2011-07-15darlington-a-f.html 10 years ago today. I believe this was NO’s most ever users online at once What a night
  13. TheGuv

    Posters in Public

    Whereabouts? I was out 👍🏻
  14. So how many were in the stadium then? Every seat looked taken to me
  15. Very much how I’m feeling. Genuinely just thrilled we’ve reached a final tbh. I do think we’ll win - but I don’t think it’ll be pretty. And if we are to lose, what an experience this has been and with such a young squad, I’m sure better things are to come our way.
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