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  1. TheGuv

    St. James' Park

    I hope this stops funding in its tracks.
  2. TheGuv

    St. James' Park

    Would really like that changed. I must admit.
  3. Having gone to Northumbria I can assure you that Domain is the worst place in the world to get a beer. I still shudder thinking about St Patrick’s day and the single line queues at the bar I just used to walk up to the front. Cos I’m geet hard n that.
  4. Cracking game this. Wish they selected more of these type of games instead of Man Utd every round for every season.
  5. Really like what Ryan Reynolds is doing. American owners - take note! *I know he’s Canadian before a smart arse pipes up.
  6. I love how much of a British spine the squad has (PFM mode from here like )
  7. I’m a member and have been to every league and cup game. But ill probably lose out. Who knows. It isn’t going to work for everyone I suppose.
  8. TheGuv

    Anthony Gordon

    Looks like no transfers for me for a while
  9. TheGuv

    Anthony Gordon

    Worker for me… Hes still down as an Everton player though…
  10. Yes. Singing section was disbanded in 2011. Milburn Paddock in 1994. Fans were forced to move then.
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