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  1. Hmmm… Is that well known on here?
  2. Dear god I think he did end up in prison IIRC
  3. Nah, one of them definitely tried to groom me on there and tried to get me to meet up with him numerous times at SJP.
  4. Point proven. People don’t know the words so mumble it and sing it extra fast. Then it means other fans then do the same. Rinse and repeat. If you ever see videos of the 74 and 76 cup finals. The Newcastle fans singing is something else. And all at a pace that you can join in at which makes the atmosphere a fuck ton louder. Spine tingling stuff
  5. Rooney, Lampard and Ferguson favourites for the job full time. Martinez next closest at 10/1 (I.e no chance surely). No money to spend, big relegation battle ahead (if we are to beat them). I think we’ll drag them into it. Has Ferguson got any real managerial experience? It might be a bit like Shearer with us. A big name but didn’t have the player’s buy in to turn it around.
  6. She’s right. We don’t know how to sing a song. It’s a 100mpj. I honestly think it’s because people don’t know the lyrics. It’s the same with Who’s that Team we call United. Isn’t it funny how the only line you can never hear is ‘And they play in black and white’ (as it’s all mumbled and sped up). Because people don’t know the words man!
  7. Get him in as coach like Keegan did with Cox.
  8. TheGuv

    Personal finance

    Crypto tanking overnight. Been like this for a week. Inflation is sky high and is higher than pre 2007-08 crash. US government printed money during Covid. I think a lot of hedge funds are liquidating their positions in crypto; normal market in the red as well. A market crash is coming. I’m just happy to average down though.
  9. Bruce had 20 years of management to compare to (as he kept telling us). Howe’s 10 years in the game give me much more faith than Bruce.
  10. This is arguably our worst ever Premier League squad. Worse than 2009 and 2016. We’ve improved the squad with two players this window (more than we ever have when previously relegated) and it’s still not enough. It took Keegan ten games to reverse what Allardyce had done and that was with superior players to what we have now. This isn’t football manager. It’s real life. The squad is dreadful, we all know how many of them played with us FIVE years ago in the Championship, and yet they’re still playing. There’s also the added bonus of turkeys not voting for Christmas. I’m sur
  11. https://www.myfootballfacts.com/england_footy/english-domestic/last-major-trophy-won-by-english-clubs/
  12. Nobs man. What you going to do with it at home like?
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