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  1. If the kids really cared they'd pay Cameron to lobby on their behalf. £1 million should cover it.
  2. Conspiracy Theorists would be better off focussing on the way that footage from a supposedly secure and classified area was leaked to the Sun and the fact that they're not going to bother investigating it.
  3. Can't believe how bad England have been, Kane & Sterling especially. It's like watching Newcastle.
  4. Man City seemed so overly cautious throughout the game, so many safe passes that went nowhere. Reminded me of a team facing relegation where players will avoid making a risky pass so they can't be blamed for losing the ball.
  5. We may have won but that was a fucking dreadful performance against one of the worst teams to ever appear in the Premiership.
  6. Can't fault much of that, other than the subs being far too late in the game and Shelvey being a lazy twat
  7. Shelvey knows he plays for the team in black & white doesn't he? Pretty sure that so far every single "pass" he's made has gone to a Man City player.
  8. ikri


    Just shows how stupid the government have been regarding foreign travel. India had clear signs of a massive rise in cases weeks ago and we did absolutely nothing to quarantine returning travellers until it was far too late. Countries really need to go on the red list when they show an increase of cases rather than waiting until the funeral pyres can be seen from outer space.
  9. Next Shadow Cabinet meeting should be interesting in that case given that Rayner is still deputy leader & Starmer can't remove her from that role. After all the shit that Corbyn had with Tom Watson as his deputy you'd think that Starmer might think twice before pissing off someone who he can't touch.
  10. ikri


    Had my jab a couple of hours ago, patiently waiting for the side effects now.
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