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  1. I've got spoons with a better cutting edge than this lot. We desperately need strikers.
  2. ikri


    Rob McElhenney was so inspired by watching Sunderland Til I Die that he and Ryan Reynolds bought Wrexham. He's said that he didn't think he could afford a club like Sunderland though, so they went for a lower league club instead. I'm fairly sure they could have actually bought the club for a couple of packs of chewing gum if they'd really wanted it. The documentary has brought them some worldwide recognition, not necessarily fans.
  3. Is Clark doing it deliberately? He's been hell bent on ruining every match he's been involved in all season.
  4. Shit result but probably the best we could expect after that fuckwit Clark fucked up yet again.
  5. What a fucking pillock. Hopefully that's the last time he plays for us.
  6. Is this club actually, genuinely cursed?
  7. ikri


    A Category 1 academy is staggeringly expensive for a League One club, they cost something like £2.5m per year minimum to maintain that status. For a club with such a rapidly diminishing turnover, that's something they cannot afford.
  8. ikri

    Transfer rumours

    That came up a week or so ago. It has also been pointed out that clubs colluding in that way would be highly illegal. Not just a small telling off by the league, but actual jail sentences.
  9. He hasn't done a press conference yet, give him time.
  10. Still not 100% convinced by his appointment but I'm optimistic having seen more about his tactics and methodology, especially good seeing his drive to further his own development after he left Bournemouth. Just quite good to have a manager who might take the job seriously.
  11. Is he fuck. He gives the ball away with his passing half the time and that's just with his short passing, his long-range passing has completely gone to shit and he rarely finds a team mate. He sits far too deep so when we do get the ball to the midfielders he's so far back he's in line with the centre backs which leaves us hoofing the ball up the pitch and losing possession every fucking time. He's fucking woeful.
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