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  1. Sounds more like a regular weekend at the cottage that.
  2. By jumping face-first into a rock from a cliff? That's a very sound representation of our historical ways I'd say.
  3. Let’s give this a try. BTTS. SOG Benzema 2+, Mount 1+ and Werner 1+ - 9/1
  4. Well, I must be stupid but I can’t for the life of me find a way to pledge from abroad. I’m trying to throw money at this goddammit.
  5. Well done to everyone involved! Looks sleek AF.
  6. I honestly would forgive Ashley almost everything he’s done (or at least 75% of it) if he pulls the plug on the Brewcie Experiment. My grandad would do a better job than this and he’s been six feet under for 11 years.
  7. It most certainly is. It's outdated and not fit for purpose facilities wise. But, I honestly believe that 98% of footballer look for the money first (not that we're paying enough to lure them here anyways when other clubs are in for them), playing time and style, manager etc. before facilities. Our problem is, we don't have any of it to attract the right calibre of players at the moment. A state of the art training centre wouldn't help much with Ashley/Bruce in command and low-balling clubs and players.
  8. Doesn't that article state the opposite though? " In truth, it is questionable how important facilities are in the grand scheme of things, especially in this day and age. “If you’re moving within the Premier League, you’re not going to be blown away by anybody’s facilities now because Brighton’s training ground is not far off Tottenham’s training ground,” says an agent. “No player is signing for a club based on the stadium or the training ground. You might be impressed by it but you’re signing because the deal is the right deal, it’s a bigger club than the one you’re at, or if you’ve mov
  9. I signed up tonight as well. The more the merrier. At least a united front is a whole lot better than the individual pissing contests supporters are often drawn to.
  10. Was the "socks blown off" a Freddie Shepherd special or Chris Mort special? Can't remember but feels like a summer transfer window special from a long time ago.
  11. Id still go for something like this. Blast from the past that is. A thing of beauty though.
  12. What’s JV1 limited? Seems like it's a company owned by RB Sports (Reuben Brothers) set up at around the same time as the other companies. Same directors as RB Sports as well. Plus Staveley now.
  13. https://www.wsj.com/articles/saudi-sovereign-wealth-fund-in-talks-to-buy-u-k-soccer-team-newcastle-united-11579950242?redirect=amp#click=https://t.co/iFhbG0cUoL Here we go again. Staveley back in. 🙈
  14. For all this talk about xG (which I agree is often a good indicator of form) there's one team overperforming even more than us. Hardly see anyone mention it in regards to Liverpool though which I find a bit weird?
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