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  1. As I said yesterday in the match thread I’d have hope that we would have been a bit more aggressive and adventurous yesterday. Obviously I have faith in Eddie and the staff to sort us out and it is early days. There were a lot of encouraging aspects of our game vs. Brentford and a few yesterday as well hopefully we’ll beat Norwich on Tuesday and get this train moving.
  2. Of course not. But I expected more than thistbh. A higher press and just a bit more of an adventurous outlook. Especially after Tindall’s words in the presser about going there to score and win.
  3. Actually a bit disappointed after last weeks attack-fest. We’ve been way too conservative and passive today. Weird way to go for a win.
  4. I’m loving all this communication sorcery the club is doing at the moment. Great interview with Staveley. She seems very authentic and sincere so far. Like she takes great pride in being involved as a custodian of the club.
  5. Good video I think. Love Shearer me. 🥰 Of course there’s a couple of cliches in there but on the whole it was good. I don’t think his words around the Rafa/Bruce bit were that bad either. Didn’t say anything about performances, style just kept it to points/position. Sticking up for a friend is probably about right. Love it when he talks about signing for us and returning home and also the parts about Sir Bobby.
  6. Suffice to say he aced both the interview with NUFCtv and the press conference. I’m totally onboard the Howe train now. The transformation is complete. Very well-spoken, seems highly intelligent and projects an aura of calmness and professionalism akin to Rafa but with the passion of KK or Sir Bobby. I have a feeling this is going to be a great ride.
  7. As a Swede I’m not having that. He’s every bit as awful as he is for NUFC tbh. One of the few players I’ve no hope at all for. 😂
  8. Would be interesting to see Hjulmand in the Premier League. There's no doubt he's done a great job with Denmark but he falls into the same bracket as Southgate for me. He hasn't really done anything of note in club football has he outside of a league title in Denmark 9 years ago? Could be somewhat of a risky hire for Villa at the moment?
  9. Nah, they're reporting that we have three games (away) at stadiums that are part of the trial?
  10. Two separate Spurs fans I think.
  11. I miss Martin Jol and his faux ITK persona. Happy times.
  12. At this point in time, after the dust has settled from the Emery fall-out (who I don’t particularly ‘like’ anyway but have respect for his record), I’m actually quite happy if it is Howe. Been watching a few interviews and reading a few articles and it’s an obvious step-up from most of the managers over the last 14 years. He seems like a really switched-on guy who lives and breathes football and always looks to better himself and learn more about being a manager. He is also evidently a highly articulate guy with a great football philosophy. He’s not the big name most of us
  13. If Charnley is leading that side with the consortium's blessing that doesn't bode well either tbh.
  14. Surely we can't have taken three weeks to talk to a host of candidates, narrow them down to a shortlist and NOT have spoken about contract, transfers, structure and so on? Reading between the lines in regards to Emery we seemingly haven't talked to Villareal, haven't offered him a contract or given him the assurances needed to make the move. It sounds an awful lot like amateur hour in my opinion. I mean even in my profession you get the framework for the deal done early in the process and then pick and choose from a number of candidates. Surely we can't be that bad? Or ca
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