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  1. If this is true, surely we have had some conversations with agents if not the player himself before submitting a bid? Since every other link we’ve had has had us agreeing terms with the player but not with the club.
  2. I was there as well. But under a different name. A few too many cock-ups with passwords and emails makes this my 4th or 5th account in this wonderful place.
  3. Same here. Was fantastic. Dr. Gloom was also a member of nufc.nu if I remember correctly. It's 20 years since I registered there though so could be wrong.
  4. Dr. Gloom? That's a blast from the past. You the same guy that had an epic website with match reports, gloom ratings and such back in the day?
  5. I don’t think this has been half bad. We were always going to be on the back foot at times due to their extreme fitness and tempo thanks to Bielsa’s work over many years. But to me it looks like we have a plan and we have threatened them at times. But since our players are turboshit (most of them anyways) it’s always going to look a bit off at times. I actually think we’ll win this.
  6. Fucking hell lads. It really hasn’t been that bad. We’re having a go and we’ve got a good chance of getting something here.
  7. Raphinha knocked out by a wind blowing from Dummett’s elbow.
  8. Probably should go 3 at the back pretty soon and bring Lewis on. Shelvey and J7 sitting and Willock in the hole.
  9. Even Trippier looks like he’s drunk today. Thought we looked OK up until their chance. We’re so easily pulled out of position though. Scary. Should try and slow it down a bit and regroup. There’s something in this game for us methinks.
  10. .ɘʞɘɟiʞƎ Wrote it mirrored.
  11. LFC surely wouldn’t let Origi leave in January? Man Utd has said no fringe players will leave either and Dembele apparently refuses a move in January. I don't think the loan market is all that good this year. Loads of 'unwanted' players on outgoing contracts who'd rather wait for the summer instead of going to Burnley (no disrespect to them).
  12. In most ways it's a underwhelming signing and absolutely so when factoring in the fee as well. But as a lot of people has said, it weakens a relegation rival and it gives us some much needed physicality and PL experience from the get-go. I do think he's got the ability to surprise a few of us and will probably get 7-8 goals for the remainder of the season. That coupled with the idea that he's not the only signing for the attacking positions makes this more than an OK signing I'd say. I've always loved a physical, battering ram of a striker as well.
  13. If we could secure Henderson before Watford that’d be massive as well. Dubs head has gone since his comeback.
  14. Rated 61 on FIFA. I’m in! 🥰 Also, his YouTube vids look awesome and I’ve always had a soft spot for a young Gaul since Saha.
  15. The Botman deal seems reliant on coming to an agreement with Lille. Sounds like the framework of the deal with the player is all but agreed if we are to believe last week’s news. And there are rumors circulating this morning that Lille has indeed named their price. As for the striker there’s barely been any names mentioned in the press (not that that really should mean something) so I’d be really surprised to see one in this week. 😟
  16. I didn't say it was good. But I think it'd be enough. Dummett at least knows how to defend. I'd rather him than Clark that's for sure.
  17. I also think we'll do Watford with or without a new striker (not that I don't want one). Playing them will suit the team better than Cambridge to be honest. Get back to the 3-4-3 from the Brentford game and try and counter them. Might as well try a back three of Schär/Lascelles/Dummett if Fernandez is still out. Tripps and Murphy WB's, Big Joe and Shelvey in the middle and ASM/Gayle or New striker/Fraser. Should be enough for a win IMO.
  18. I guess what is often the case is that discussions take place between clubs and agents for a few months before the start of a transfer window. The iffy thing here is that if the selling clubs are not actively trying to flog their player there's nothing in it for them at all to agree to a transfer well before the window opens. Add our situation and league position to the mix and 99.9% of all clubs will take their chances at taking us to the cleaners during the window. It's a horrible situation to be in and one where the new owners are trying to do good by the club and the support
  19. From my perspective it's OK getting a bit twitchy in regards to our dealings. It's understandable due to how blunt we looked the last game and due to our league position. But we as fans literally have no idea how fast the consortium's been moving or how many targets they are actively pursuing. I will give them the benefit of doubt as for now, it seems pretty clear to me that they are trying their absolute best in a pretty crappy situation. It would be nice to have a couple of more additions in this week before Watford but aside from a centre forward none of them would make much difference du
  20. Hm. There were definitely promising signs in the first half. The second though, hasn’t been anywhere near good enough. I don’t get why we didn’t change things up earlier. Ritchie and Longstaff were poor, Willock plays like he’s been lobotomized and Dubs fucked up (again) for the goal (offside or not). I’m an eternal optimist but this is starting to look a bit bleak tbh.
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