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  1. Scandalous. We should refuse to participate in the league while this is up in the air. I genuinely think it's Ashley's best option.
  2. That's right, he and the other fella Gordon started the (very expensive) CAT case. Which as we all know was taken forward by Mike Ashley's legal team. Which in turn proves without doubt that NCSL were/are part of the consortium's wider legal strategy by design. I know he likes the attention and his posts are mega cringeworthy sometimes but he's in line with the rest of the NUFC twitter community in that regard. Who cares?
  3. Big respect to the people that participated. It's shameful that NUST didn't endorse this but we already know they are extremely fearful of upsetting whatever regulating body governs this pointless, conformist fan initiative. A fans' organisation scared to support the fans' protest, how sad.
  4. This is the first time they've aired something critical of the Premier League during the whole saga. They have otherwise been very silent on the key points of the takeover. Which I thought was understandable as they're in similar position to BeIN. The PL is nothing without the TV deals, so maybe Masters and Hoffman don't have many friends left in Sky after the ESL thing.
  5. Extremely interesting that it is Sky running this latest offensive indeed.
  6. They will certainly want to compete with Qatar and Abu Dhabi. This can't happen without huge investment in playing staff.
  7. There has been plenty of opportunities for the government to get involved if they wanted to. Despite the positive noises, I'm pretty sure there's very little desire to let MBS "sportwash" his image through English sporting institutions.
  8. So sick of this whole thing. The fucking PL is going to delay this until next summer in the hope that we get relegated / PIF pull out. Maybe we should really pull out of the corrupt league until the resolution of the CAT case then, the fucking cunts.
  9. Terrific find. The cover-up has begun. I can sense the fear. Scrapping their whole infrastructure altogether Amateurs.. MBS' secret services have a full backup anyway! edit: The article actually refers to other usages of the cloud infrastructure - statistics. There's nothing about day-to-day business operations, so probably not connected.
  10. Good thing our new owner is a guy who has successfully hacked into Jeff Bezos' phone My uneducated guess is that's nature of the evidence that the Keith fella talks about. "Leaked" email correspondence, most likely with BeIN officials. I'm super optimistic about the latest news. Imo, this proves that the Consortium's unlimited resources have been behind NCSL and Ashley's actions the whole time.
  11. MBS is doing a rare TV interview right now. On all Saudi channels naturally.. for those beoutq customers. Will keep you posted. Don't know arab like but my senses will tell me if he confirms the takeover or Luke Edwards' execution.
  12. When push comes to shove - If there's togetherness and determination in the squad - every PL team has enough quality to win against anyone (apart from City), regardless of stature/tactics. Our players must not get complacent, I feel both Fulham and WBA will step up a gear in the following weeks.
  13. Hey fuck the 98% wrapper. The container should have max-width ~1600px. Reading HTT's replies would break your neck on a 4k display.
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