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  1. Both copper and paramedic were burly middle aged men, so I’m good
  2. Yeah that’s possible, the fact that they were 2 different services 3 hours apart is what’s got me the most confused. Guess I’ll have to just hope it doesn’t happen again
  3. Is it normal for the police & ambulance service to turn up to your place when you didn't ask? I've been here about a week, today at around midday the police rang the buzzer for my flat saying they'd come as requested. Explained I didn't ask for them - they asked if I'd heard any disturbances and I said no as it's been quiet all day. Then about 3 hours later the same thing happens with an ambulance, saying they'd come as asked for but I've not called them at all (did check my phone, no calls by mistake or anything like that). Googled my address but I can't see anywhere remotely
  4. LiquidAK

    Your Pet Hates

    Tell me about it, it's incredibly difficult for a local to buy down here for anything approaching an affordable price.
  5. 6 slices for me if it's an oven pizza. Normally accompany that with fries and a load of garlic dip. Takeaway pizza I get with popcorn chicken and again an obscene amount of garlic dip.
  6. Visited Venice 2 years ago and got an away kit as a souvenir, 100% claiming them as my Italian team just to avoid the drudgery of NUFC
  7. LiquidAK

    House/Flat Renting

    Currently sat at my desk in my new place with a pint having spent the last 2 days moving stuff in, unpacking, and putting together flat-pack furniture. There's a big stack of cardboard in the living room to get rid of, but it feels amazing to have my own place after living out of a small room at my Dad's place (as grateful as I am) for the last 4 years
  8. LiquidAK

    Who's ill?

    First cold since Covid and I'm struggling. Fuck me, they always hit me hard but this feels worse, either my immune system thought it was on a permanent holiday or I just forgot how much I hate this
  9. Looks like the picture was taken in black and white and then colourised, poorly.
  10. LiquidAK

    House/Flat Renting

    Moving in on Saturday. Been slowly getting furniture together over the past few weeks. Never thought I'd spend so long deliberating over whether a coffee table suits the sofa.
  11. LiquidAK

    Steve Bruce

    The freezeframe of this says it fucking all
  12. LiquidAK


    Yeah same, makes me wonder how fucking grim we were all being before this
  13. LiquidAK


    Negative - feel silly for worrying now
  14. LiquidAK

    Plymouth shootings

    It's awful. Poor kid, just in the wrong place at the wrong time and now gone. Fucking horrible.
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