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  1. LiquidAK


    Shame Trips isn't on for this free kick
  2. Really needed to be winning that. Fuck. Willock I felt was particularly poor, every cross he made just seemed to go comfortably to their keeper.
  3. Very frustrating. Crying out for Maxi or Anderson to stretch them and create some space.
  4. Would love to see Anderson start in the Willock role. At home against one of the weaker sides in the league, after some promising performances off the bench. Seems a great time for it
  5. LiquidAK

    Loris Karius

    Hope he smashes it. He’s one of us now, hope he gets a great reception when he makes his debut (presumably in the league cup)
  6. Dunno how it works for everyone but at my work at least (NHS) anyone who still works on a BH gets an extra day of leave to take whenever they want, so might not be off on that exact day but still gets an extra day holiday.
  7. They definitely said the state funeral would be a Bank Holiday - didn't catch a day but I've been milling about doing stuff with this on so probably missed it!
  8. Watching this whole accession ceremony is fascinating like
  9. Weird day. Giving The Queen is Dead a spin as it's what she would have wanted and that album is a banger. Sad for her family, not a monarchist but she seemed alright. Strange to have an ever-present gone
  10. That’s rough man, hope you’re feeling better now after a better nights sleep. And never need to apologise, getting stuff off your chest is what this thread is for
  11. What seller if you don’t mind me asking? Looking at getting one myself
  12. LiquidAK

    Nick Pope

    Never noticed him much at Burnley but Christ this guy is some player. I like Dubs but what an upgrade.
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