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  1. 14 league starts, well that's depressing.
  2. That was almost an incredible move, just needed the finish, christ
  3. What do we think of Enrique as a coach? Just reading his wiki, forgot just how successful he was at Barcelona, for some reason in my mind he was pretty average there but he won the Champions League (alongside 2 doubles and one year where they seemed to just win everything), no idea what I was thinking I know Messi is kind of a cheat code (especially a few years ago) but still takes a decent coach to get a team over the line in so many competitions.
  4. I'm finding it quite insightful and interesting - far above what we usually get, but maybe I'm alone in that.
  5. I can understand some might find the accent a bit grating, but the actual content of what she's saying is great imo.
  6. Emma Hayes is such a step up in co-comms from the usual dross like Jenas or McManaman. Actual tactical insight makes such a difference
  7. Oof, rough result. Gotta think their best bet of picking up any points is against us, derby game, anything can happen etc. All the pressure on them though.
  8. LiquidAK

    Copa America

    Any chance that Messi finally gets an international trophy? Not sure what Argentina's chances are, but he's got to be running low on opportunities at this point...
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