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  1. “Enjoy the game” is the most pathetic rallying cry going like
  2. It’s a truly shocking song.
  3. The central midfield is a massive problem and has been for years. Since we’ve Bruced Willock, it’s showing again. The defence needs protection, opponents need to be closed down and tackled, none of which we can do.
  4. It better be 24 and not 48.
  5. As bad as the game was, I’m still absolutely hyped. Walking around the house singing Big River It’s hard to care again, but it’s brilliant.
  6. I was going to say war crime, but I do agree.
  7. Perfect choice TBH, brilliant work.
  8. Can’t predict anything other than a defeat right now. Lack of Bruce might help.
  9. I mean, there’s no point in the Bruce out chants now I suppose.
  10. Willock was really bad today as well, not that one man makes a central midfield.
  11. It really was incredibly bad though.
  12. Aye, terrible timing. Amazing display though, legends.
  13. It’s a big challenge for a new manager like, I don’t think it’s guaranteed we stay up. Let’s hope they get this appointment right, before the next game and starts to work quickly.
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