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  1. I really wanted us to go down so I could watch the PL without us being mentioned. Not sure what to do now. I might try and wait until the Champions League gets going and just watch that. Some way to watch decent football without being depressed by NUFC.
  2. Is it possible the Ruebens could fail the test based on PIF being unnamed shadow directors?
  3. Would be like a new signing to get rid of Shelvey.
  4. It’s time for us to call it a day and find something else to do.
  5. Fuck knows, but it’s a good question.
  6. Class Jill, congratulations, massive achievement
  7. Gallagher definitely, he’s very good. Probably fair on Lemina, he’s a bit of a punt. Just would expect that this is the worst possible place for him to discover his best form. Especially trying to run a whole midfield himself alongside JJ.
  8. AyeDubbleYoo


    I think I read some experts saying that the obese nature of our population is one of the main reasons we have such a high number of deaths.
  9. Well step by step, good things are a bit better.
  10. Yeah, guess that’s from the ancient custom where no gentleman should accuse another of having dishonourable intentions or whatever. Ridiculous that it still applies no matter how much people in power continue to lie.
  11. Yep, absolutely awful. Same with Gallagher, although I think he’s also class. If the club can’t be sold than Ashley has to invest in it. But of course he won’t.
  12. Then again, is it likely he’ll perform as well and get as many goals as last time? It’s a big ask. My uneducated opinion is that he realised his job was to do absolutely anything it took to save Newcastle from relegation - run anywhere, play anywhere, just get goals. Pretty difficult brief second time around. But like you say, having him for a full season is probably better.
  13. He seems fairly busy, no specific specialism but runs around forward and back. Have seen him make a fair few errors and lose the ball for Fulham, IIRC.
  14. What kind of work-related groups have that stuff in?
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