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  1. I would think you could sell another 10k just in season tickets.
  2. Been to Barca and Madrid and you really do feel like the action is happening miles away from you. I keep banging on about it, but Spurs is the best football stadium I've ever been to. High-sided with a steep angle, fans are packed it, beautiful design, conducts noise quite well. Of course that's a complete new build.
  3. AyeDubbleYoo

    Job stuff

    I don't really think I'll ever be able to afford to properly retire, not unless I want to live on a pittance and never go anywhere. I'm planning more on how I can gradually improve my work/life balance to a point where I feel it's fair and manageable. I think 3 days a week would be ideal for the foreseeable future, especially if it was working from home. Do agree about changing and developing other skills though, I don't see the point in doing one thing unless you're a composer or a poet or something. That said, my job does change quite often because of technology etc. When I started it was all about websites and nobody had a smart phone, so the nature of the work has changed quite a lot. Soon I might be replaced by an AI language model, I guess. Weirdly enough I'm not really attached to material things, it's just so difficult to live in modern society if you don't have any. If I was living in a shit place in a shit area and not able to travel, I do think I would be less happy. Even if it meant I could work less. Think basic income will only have a political chance once AI starts to put vast amounts of people out of work.
  4. Yeah, they would need a bigger plan than just a gallowgate expansion. They must be up for it though, hence buying back the land.
  5. Can't stand that white kit, doesn't look like a NUFC kit at all. I really want to get something for the cup final but Castore are sooooo shit.
  6. Neves is a completely different kind of player to Rice though, not really comparable. Chelsea have just paid £108m for someone who might eventually be as good as him... he's immense. Would turn Liverpool back into title contenders you'd think, and vastly improve almost any other team in the league. I like Neves but I haven't watched him closely enough to say if he could press and run about like we need. Also would probably wind up our fans with his constant long shots.
  7. Had considered that too, we really need more than 60k so might have to find extra seats beyond the gallowgate expansion. Having that dead section in the middle of the main stand is a reet pain.
  8. Not that I’ve seen. £1k for Man Utd and closer to £2k+ for us. Slight chance of more if people are buying them this week to sell.
  9. I was near the pitch for the Gateshead playoff final and it was pretty hard to see the far goal. Probably being a bit higher up is better for that.
  10. I would be up for a chamber of experts and citizens. Kind of a citizens assembly but with some academics and experienced people to give their input. Could transition by allowing some Lords to stay on for a period of time and help to get it going.
  11. Very true. I do think you could appoint a Lord and still find that they grow a brain and a spine once they’re in. Not having to answer to anyone is very liberating. Not that I want them in there of course.
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