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  1. Burnley wouldn’t have sold at all unless there was a release clause.
  2. Lost all my gains on my shares this week.
  3. I’d take Kamara and no other signings TBH. Or any other top CM/DM.
  4. I get the direction, I just don’t think it makes sense. VAR should be there to decide if it was a penalty and if the referee was wrong. On the incident itself, guess agree to disagree.
  5. It’s a massive penalty like. Player gets turned and sweeps other player’s leg away with his foot. Of course he tries to draw attention to it, but it is a foul for sure. They should really scrap VAR if it isn’t going to give things like that. Obvious ones, the ref can see anyway.
  6. AyeDubbleYoo


    The power of governments to do things like confine people to their homes or mandate where and who they can meet, is terrifying. Sure, in this case there’s a strong argument that it was the right thing to do. But that doesn’t change the principle.
  7. AyeDubbleYoo


    Don’t mind the houses but the tower is ridiculous.
  8. And ASM’s yesterday, they didn’t even ask the ref to look?
  9. Not news but VAR is an absolute farce.
  10. Alison always looks like he’s been asked to get out of bed to sign for a parcel.
  11. Another great chance for Palace, had about 5 now.
  12. I couldn’t believe that campaign was publically funded. Can’t see any way that this kind of thing is a proper use of taxpayer money. Propaganda for a political position really shouldn’t be fundable by a government department at all.
  13. Aye, we really need to slow down. At home games as well.
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