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  1. Will probably end with 6 players sent off and 3 goals disallowed.
  2. Was thinking about this last night watching MOTD and came to the conclusion that there needs to be some kind of points system in place to hold the poor officiating accountable. For example: - Wrongful decision on goals = 3 points - Wrongful decision on set-pieces = 2 points - Wrongful decision on bookings = 1 point If a referee accumulates 5 points in a game then they are automatically relegated to the lower leagues for the following week. If it happens a 2nd time they face a fine, and suspension for a 3rd time. Set up an independent panel consisting of ex-players, managers and referees to review each game. Don't get me wrong it's not perfect but I think it would at least go some way towards holding the poor standard of refereeing to account. If a manager's job is constantly at risk based on results then the officials making poor decisions that could cost that manager his job need to be held accountable. To me it's wrong that Jesse Marsch will be suspended for Leeds' next game, simply because he showed his frustration at the officials in that game making some ridiculous decisions which have probably cost them the game. Moyes will probably be fined for his post-match interview, Rice will probably be fined for his tweet, and yet the referees will continue on making the same mistakes at the highest level next week. Clearly Howe in his post-match interview has thought "why bother?".
  3. If that's aimed at me, I'm not saying he's shit ffs It was a shit finish though, no getting around that. Exactly the same as what Murphy did last season.
  4. Should have won it, regardless of the garbage ref. That Isak 1 v 1 chance man
  5. I went with a 9/10 considering we've not just strengthened on the field. Getting Ashworth and Eales in place will end up being hugely important moves for us going forward. It would have been nice to get 1 more player in, sure, whether that be a central midfielder or a winger but overall it's probably been the most productive window we've had since the Keegan era.
  6. Was probably Kinnear 20 minutes after we sold him.
  7. Don't think Luke knew anything about the Isak deal until it was already accepted and underway. Hopefully tomorrow is the same.
  8. We still have Ando to do a last-minute run in with the good news.
  9. That makes two of us, pal. Names! Give us names!
  10. Carlito

    João Pedro

    Surely if a bid is accepted we'll hear something on SSN today? I doubt they would be a day or two behind with something like that so time will tell whether he's reliable or not.
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