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  1. Agreed. 2 weeks left in the window and we're not exactly any closer to sorting out the most vital area on the pitch. On top of that we should stack wads of cash in our press conferences just to piss every other club off even more. "In closing, we would just like to say that we're considerably richer than yaawww."
  2. Carlito

    Rafa Benítez

    I wouldn't necessarily say Rafa's methods took a long time to work here (although that depends on what you'd define as a long time in fairness). We ended the 15/16 season 6 games unbeaten, conceding only 4 goals which were against Liverpool, Man City and Spurs. Not bad at all for a relegated side.
  3. My guess is shop window mentality. Most of the team know they're shite and they're playing for contracts elsewhere, leaving us to pick up the pieces like the 2009 team did.
  4. Badiashile looks quality. Would love to see us get him in this window, injury or not.
  5. To us of all teams Still, it would be hilarious if he had a release clause and we met it on deadline day, just to hear Ralph on SSN saying he had skinges and was having his tea when the bid came in so it doesn't count.
  6. Carlito

    Chris Wood

    Joelinton has been our best player since Howe took over. Never thought that would happen but it has. I'm expecting Dummett to return in disguise as Roberto Carlos.
  7. Carlito

    Chris Wood

    I think it's a bit harsh to suggest that just because he's not doing as well so far this season that he's finished, especially at 30 years old. Burnley are a lot worse off this year in general than in previous years and like us they only have 1 win in the league so far. Shearer even at 35 rediscovered his form once Souness was sacked and Roeder took charge. A change of scenery/personnel could be all he needs to get back to his best. Time will tell.
  8. Carlito

    Chris Wood

    "The woh gan pyooah radge on the furn like mate, aye. Big Yas and the Roobins had to stop tha sels propa creasin up in the background."
  9. Carlito

    Chris Wood

    Just had a watch of his 50 goals for Burnley and there's some quality movement and finishing in there, and that's not including how good in the air he is. I think he'll fit in well with how we're trying to play.
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