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  1. Hey guys, I'm got my accom and train booked to be in Newcastle for 10 days during the time the bolton game is on. Where do u recommend I sit, (for a non member, and not ridiculosuly expensive) . From looking at the website I think I can buy tickets on the 3rd of feb. Also has anyone done the tour? It looks good and I'll probably do that too. The only one I've done before is the nou camp, which was amazing, but I'd rather see where ameobi gets changed than trophy after trophy! Cheers!
  2. Gran Torino. A masterpiece, well i reckon so anyway.
  3. yeah i love her stuff too, but she has no anal scenes.
  4. Threelegs

    The Sims 3

    I picked up the 2nd one the other day. I got over it after about 30 mins, then took all the toilets out so they all pissed themselves. Then took all the beds out apart from 1 double and tried to get the father and son to sleep in it, etc. What is the whole point of the game?
  5. Sandra Romain http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2066/2161985667_1ef5e651b2.jpg?v=0 Carmella Bing http://www.xcomment.com/g2/img/Carmella_Bing012508110608.gif both are sooo hot and dirty. If they dont take it up the ass, its not porn, tbh! check out dump or freeones.
  6. Ok i'll bite - Its Kasabian! Oasis - Acquiesce, when he's jogging on the beach, etc. I havent seen this film for ages but Im pretty sure Acquiesce is not used in this film. 'Cast No Shadow' and the one specially written for the film "Who put the weight of the world on my shoulders' are the two Oasis tracks. I could be wrong though. Acquiesce IS in it. And i think Fuckin in the Bushes is in it as well (cant remember)
  7. Threelegs

    Saints Row (360)

    Just picked this game up the other day. Its such a rip off of GTA, but it seems like its more fun to play. Its just simply fun, which is what gta 4 lacked.
  8. Threelegs


    What do you call a man with a paper bag on his head? Russell.
  9. Threelegs


    Bit of a strange year really this year. 2nd year of uni and powering on, thought i went better than i did this semester but i still passed. I was going out heaps in the first half of the year, while working in a bar as well. Then when i got the sack all that came to an abrupt end. 2nd half of the year only had uni and no job which was a bit depressing. And my best friend went o.s and he is still away. Since he left my main group of mates just did not seem so entertaining? to me and i realised that i had not much in common with them anymore. Then just when my money was about to run out ive started to work at a big alcohol superstore as a laborour pretty much lol, just shelf stacking etc. Its just a christmas casual position so it is alright, hopefully i can stay till end of feb then maybe quit then. Its a pretty shit job, but its the first time for ages where i have really learnt to appreciate the money I have earnt because it is hard work. When I was working in a bar, I was pissing it all up, and it was easy to get (eg tips and stuff). And with my new job, its a good way to make me appreciate how good uni is in helping me hopefully get a decent job. Good excercise as well. (yes it sucks)
  10. Threelegs


    My brother downloaded this from Xbox live. Great blast from the past. We spend heaps of time playing it. Has anyone else played it recently. I always make stupid names for my players such as " Allen Key', "Will Dennis", etc
  11. Ended up Buying tickets for Primal Scream and The streets 4th Feb 2008 -Primal Scream - The Forum 5th Feb 2008 - The Streets - The Forum That will be fuckin mega, too bad they are Wed and Thu nights though.
  12. Has anyone seen Primal Scream? They are coming to Sydney. I only have the best of and I like it, I think i`ll go.
  13. Threelegs

    1 Guy, 1 Cup

    He should have tried to 'marmalade' it up there.
  14. Tim Freedman from The Whitlams tonight
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