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  1. morgs

    Mikel Merino

    Need to organise as many eligible friendly as possible to get him to that games quota quick. Best player at the club by a distance. Get one more in of his level and we could have a good season.
  2. I'd be benching Perez and starting Joselu. Perez doesn't affect games enough for me.
  3. morgs

    Mikel Merino

    Yep, quality footballer
  4. morgs

    Mikel Merino

    1m 88, can't wait to see jonjo float some on to the back stick for him
  5. I'd take adam traore, would go all put for sigurdsson as well
  6. morgs

    Jonjo Shelvey

    I think its quite obvious why liverpool and swansea were happy to shift him. Not good enough
  7. 8. I'd be interested how that compared to guthrie when he played for us in the championship
  8. Jonjo plays as if he's been told to make it a back 3 when we attack
  9. Not doing well recently. Very inconsistent. Its not even just that, I actually don't think his movement/ energy is good enough to play CM. I would almost argue its the reason he has to try and hit a 60 yard pass everytime
  10. If shelvey is playing cm for us in the premier league we are in big trouble.
  11. morgs


    Putts like bloody westwood
  12. morgs


    Oh sergio
  13. He follows Shelvey because he knows nobody would ever pass to him if Shelvey is an option. As i said on the match thread, never seen a player work so hard to become unavailable for a pass, was at literally no point in the game an option, 3 man midfield anytime he plays. Would love to see a side to side video of his movement compared to xavi.
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