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  1. Pretty sure that’s wholly based on a single piece of play - not that I grudge him that
  2. It's completely fucking shite. Probably the worst squad in my lifetime, certainly the worst in my 35 odd years of following the national team. Someone on a previous page said 0 points and 0 goals - and I'm pretty sure I said the same thing when we qualified. Not that long ago, we could have picked a whole team of EPL players, now we raid the Scottish league for people who once holidayed Down Under.
  3. Me too - which makes me wonder how I was about the only Toon fan I knew growing up!
  4. I don't know of this Jimmy Hill that's spoken of - is he a mackem cross between Jimmy Saville and Benny Hill?
  5. Hypothetically speaking - if we're negotiating with Leicester, what would people think about a cheeky loan bid for Ayoze as the RW/ST cover we need?
  6. I'm a big fan of Maddison but 60m is lunacy.
  7. I remember @Milanista saying that’s exactly what Milan trying to do without success. He seems to be most effective as a #10, which we haven’t really used. And there’s a case for saying Eddie might change tactics to fit him in, but changing our whole system to accommodate one (excellent) player isn’t something I see Eddie doing (this season anyway).
  8. Am I the only one who thinks we're not in for Paqueta on account of he's not a natural or specialist in any of the positions we need (ST, RW, CM)? There seems to be a lot of "just play him x" (most often CM) but I just don't see it.
  9. I’m on board with this thinking - and it highlights priorities well. *A* centre mid is essential, as is a starting RW and someone (preferably young) who can play RW and SC. Get those three players and 7th place should be the bar.
  10. He’ll absolutely be in the squad until January, but it’s not impossible he’s moved on then if a signing is made.
  11. He seemed to play on the left wing a lot at the Gas, which would theoretically make him the third choice behind ASM and Fraser. I’m hopeful that Fraser is moved on to free up cash and wages with Anderson as ASM’s backup - a player who will pretty much always start unless injured or suspended…
  12. I’m hoping Gouri is a genuine link and not just paper talk - seen him featured in a lot of “players to buy” vids and seems to be a better option than Ekitike.
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