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  1. Plenty of potential for a drawn out Pogba transfer, and the subsequent need to fill a Pogba-sized hole…
  2. It’s a really peculiar feeling to care more about how Rafa does at his new club than what Bruce does with the club I’ve supported nearly 30 years.
  3. Getting strong Morgan/Markle vibes from Jordan every time Stavely comes up.
  4. It makes me laugh to think Kinnear was fired for getting 5m less than Ashley expected for Cabaye, and yet Bruce turns a 10m player into one essentially driven from the club for coppers...
  5. I really don't think Harper being promoted is an egregious example of the cronyism that's rampant in football - he's been coaching for a while now, and got promoted solely and wholly because Ashley/Charnley aren't going to go and find a new Academy Director if there's someone that can be raised up. Same reason the job was available in the first place - Dawson was moved to first team coach becase Ashley/Charnley won't hunt for a new coach outside the club. It's indicative more of the "no fucks given" attitude than a wicked "jobs for the boys".
  6. I don’t think Muto has any place on that list - adjusted for time, it’s the equivalent of Guivarch or Andersson. All three added nothing to our club, but I’d say Guivarch is leagues ahead of Muto on any shit transfer matrix
  7. Gateshead with Big Mike
  8. Yup, that Lazio home is one of the nicest kits I’ve seen this year
  9. Seemed very pointed that the first look we get of Cabbage Heed is him talking to Ritchie. Pretending they’re not both remembering Ritchie called him a fucking coward…
  10. No, but if you said it over and over for months, even if Harry Kane had a broken leg and Maguire an ACL then yeah, it might bother folk...
  11. This is my understanding - PIF had the people who were going to have control (as they understood it) submit to the ODT, but the Premier League insisted that the state of KSA be considered a director for the purposes of the test, at which point PIF “withdrew”. Have I got it wrong?
  12. Feel like lumping on Palace to go down
  13. I dunno, Ayoze might be a decent bet. He hasn't established himself in the first XI at Leicester and might be available at a decent price. Rafa was a big fan, and is always down to sign a Spaniard or seven...
  14. In my mind there is no doubt whatsoever that this is how our summer will pan out - I envy your ability to place a question mark at the end of your sentence...
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