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  1. I’ve read a couple of people pose the question about Hughton coming back here, but I can’t imagine any scenario where he’d accept the job. After all, he was the one Ashley fired and was replaced by a shite-talking casino debt. He’s also seen Ashley be an awful owner for every manager since him.
  2. But then the world wouldn’t see the clash of the titans that is Ronaldo v Ritchie…?
  3. Pretty sure the 30% refers to mid-table, but the point stands nonetheless.
  4. Raconteur

    Steve Bruce

    I don't know why people are so surprised Bruce has no interest during "international fortnight" - he spent most of his playing career as the only non-international at Man U, and because the great Sir Alex let the dopey buffoon go on holidays half a dozen times a year, Bruce now thinks that's what good managers do.
  5. Raconteur

    Steve Bruce

    It seems obvious Bruce is aiming for a point a game, and that Ashley endorses that approach. Going by that thinking, they're only two points behind where they want to be, and only need a single win to catch up after the upcoming Old Trafford massacre. They will be comfortable for a long time - chants or no chants
  6. What makes it works is that he’s got a natural, PL standard right wingback in Manquillo, but persists with Murphy because he can sometimes whip in a good cross and occasionally strike a decent dead ball. Has Manquillo seen any action at all this season? Burnley, maybe? EDIT: noticed Manquillo played in the cup and we didn’t concede any shit goals down the right…
  7. That was as much because we lost Wilson and ASM, and Gayle and Joelinton proved they couldn’t do split strikers. We got punished at least once and Bruce went to the safety zone of 8-1-1
  8. Raconteur

    Steve Bruce

    You forgot having the midfielders running around and getting stuck in.
  9. Raconteur

    Steve Bruce

    Colour me shocked to learn penalties are a lottery in Bruce's world. As opposed to the reality that they are a skill that can be honed...
  10. Cunningly hidden in the Reserves/Academy thread as “Clarke”
  11. It is your opinion to say “it is not worth saying” - clearly a subjective perspective and entirely not fact. Your italicised gibberish translates as “we had news a month ago, and it’s the most current news, so any conversation about other news is unworthy” - again, a subjectve opinion about what is worthy of being considered “news”.
  12. I understood it was Daddy Longstaff who leaked the Ritchie/Bruce bust up story?
  13. Wasn't Burnley taken over with a leveraged buyout recently, too? I've been thinking this lately - couldn't Staveley do the same thing? But perhaps that's what she was doing the first time around and couldn't make it work (although she was counting of winning against Barclays, wasn't she?)
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