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  1. A very technical and clever player who can pass and shoot with both feet. Wide range of passing and good at dribbling and working himself out of tight spaces. Good at carrying the ball up the field and likes to dictate the play, always tries to make something happen offensively. Best used in a midfield of three, so I'd see him slotting in perfectly along with Joelington and Bruno. We'd be devastating on the counter with Bruno/Zielinski providing the through balls and popping in outside the box. Solid fitness record too, taken part in 36 league games on average over the past 6 seasons for Napoli. A bit inconsistent and I'm not 100% sure of this endurance to play 90 minutes in the premier league, think he has been subbed off at some point in literally every Napoli game I've followed. Still been one of the best midfielders in the Seria A over the past few years and would be a huge upgrade over Shelvey.
  2. https://football-italia.net/napoli-reject-first-west-ham-bid-for-zielinski/ Would be an incredible signing for West Ham. We should be all over him if he's available.
  3. Might give this a go! What is the transfer budget?
  4. I know it is Lewandowski, but still find it a bit mental paying 50m euros for a player turning 34 next month that has 1 year left of his contract.
  5. Love how happy Joelington looks
  6. Ridman

    Joe Willock

    What a turn and run from him to set the goal up. Anyone got a replay/slowmo of the spin when he received the pass? Haven't seen it replayed anywhere
  7. What a goal, 0-2 Frankfurt
  8. Absolutely ranchid. Corporate greeding slowly starting to diminish my enjoyment of live broadcasts. Every weekend they pickle their brain how and where they can possibly squeeze more commercials/sponors onto the screen. American sports have become absolutely unbearable for me. Used to love watching MMA/UFC and NBA but the absolute advertisement rape inflicted on you throughout every single second of the match is becoming too much for me like. Especially egregious when the broadcasters chime in nonstop "Free kick to Man City. Bryune prepares to step up over the ball. This freekick is brought to you by MOBILE STRIKE, THE HOTTEST MOST SELLING APP ON THE APP STORE. DOWNLOAD NOWWWWW". Or in the middle of rounds in UFC where they have some sponsored tweets, a giantic distracting twitter banner pops up with some random celeb/sponsor tweet bullshit, your eyes automatically look to the pop-up and it does nothing but mess with your viewing experience. You slowly see it going that way in footy broadcasts as well. The half-time show is no longer talk or analysis about the game but 90% commericals and Gary Neville maybe popping in for two seconds with maybe 2 lines of some generic bullshit before they can shove you back into another commercial break.
  9. This annoys me to no end. Like John Terry played in the Premier League for twenty years, surely he has made enough money without needing to stoop so low as to shill some absolute garbage monkey pictures (down ~70% since this twitter post) to his own fans on his personal twitter space. Don't you feel any shame, gulling people who look up to you into losing money. Zero respect for him and fuck celebrities' pulling this shit on the very people who made them and they would be nothing without.
  10. Saw Lacacelles and Burn in the staring lineup. Somehow assumed he was also out. Babysitting a suicidal toddler and watching a game at the same time means you miss some things
  11. We are playing really well considering we are missing Wilson, Maximin, Joelington, Trippier, Willock, Shelvey and Schar. Incredible how organized and compact Howe has made us in just a few months. Can't wait for next season like, bright times ahead.
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