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  1. Chelsea have played rubbish football for a good while now, and every single attacking player at that club has regressed or under-performed with Tuchel. The only one that has looked capable this season is Sterling, who Tuchel has not had time to ruin yet. So, in a sense, it is unreasonable as a manager who won the Champions League 1.5 years ago should have earned a chance to build a team with some stability, but the reality is that no Chelsea fan will miss him. It did not seem like he had any idea of how to fix the issues they were going through this season.
  2. All of the Italian teams are rubbish at the top level, tbh. The top 7 teams in Serie A this season are strong and quite equal, but nowhere near the top contenders in the Champions League. Donnarumma has regressed badly at PSG.
  3. PSG may still have issues in terms of their defensive structure with all three superstars on the pitch in the final stages of the CL, but Galtier has improved them drastically. The team will be a juggernaut this season.
  4. Leicester need to sack Rodgers or they could actually be in danger of relegation. They have dynamic players in throughout their squad and chose to play backwards/sideways the whole match. I do not know what has happened at that club, but there is no reason for the to be so poor going forward with the team they have.
  5. I have said from the beginning, I do not even trust this offside process being used with VAR at the small margins it is being used to adjudicate decisions. There was another yesterday where Gray looked visually onside for Everton, but was declared off by the arbitrary lines. The goal-line technology (which is much simpler) has failed in the Premier League at least once, so I am not sure why we take this seemingly manual geometric process as gospel?
  6. It is unbelievable that this boy scored 8 goals in 14 matches at one point. He looks lost with the ball at his feet, in every part of the pitch. Misplaced passes, consistently rubbish clearances, and hesitant in attacking positions. His workrate and athleticism make him an "OK" player at this level, but overall very disappointing since signing permanently.
  7. Even five minutes of added time is quite a bit for the events of the second half with one goal and few serious injuries. It is laughable that we are meant to accept that "time-wasting" means the opposition gets an extra 2-3 minutes to score, when this has not been the case at all in my decades of watching football. This would only happen away on a "storied night at Anfield" or other certain clubs. Very annoying.
  8. Mitrovic (also his own managerial failings) making Scott Parker look like a fool this season.
  9. Ludicrous that Bruno's challenge in the first five minutes was a yellow and Rodrigo's cynical tackle on ASM just now was not.
  10. I am not hyping a single Naija player until after the World cup (maybe even until after the election). They seriously vexed me and my family with the rubbish they pulled against Ghana. Along with many vexations about that place in general. I wish the boys well, but that is as far as we go now.
  11. Forest should be careful not to sign too many Nigerians, it has been a recipe for relegation. Fulham in 2021 and Watford in 2022 both fell prey to this strategy. Honestly, I could see all three they've signed/been linked to being decent for them: Awoniyi is a strong, quick player to knock the ball up to (Do not see him being as prolific as in Germany, where no one defends), Dennis has attitude issues but is very dangerous, and Moses has great pace and dribbling (Even though he is often going nowhere useful, he can win his team the match sometimes and was good for Nantes).
  12. I like Zaha quite a bit, but I think he has been playing bigman football as the best player at a lower-tier side for too long and has gained bad habits. He is isolating himself and delaying play far too much. The consistent crying to ref is also a symptom of being the best player and placated to for too long at the club. At this stage, he'd struggle to adjust his style. Even with the players Palace have now, he would benefit from altering the way he plays.
  13. Seems like that should be a penalty?
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