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  1. Their best central defender had his leg snapped in preseason, tbf. But agreed if Soyuncu doesn't regain form they'll struggle to get top six despite all the attacking talent.
  2. Class goal by Osimhen, we have a real player if he can just calm down a bit and stop snatching at this chances, boy has everything you would want physically in a striker. Leicester have so many exciting players going forward, the biggest problem they might have is just keeping all of them happy. It has to be tough for the likes of Iheanacho, Daka, and Soumare to be substitutes most matches, even though there are good players in front of them.
  3. Woodman is a watsepipe. Complete rubbish in this match. Two goals from two simple saves.
  4. Keeping you out and targeting with pace is exactly what Newcastle did for 45 minutes. This is a side without any serious striker available and a keeper entirely unproven at this level that consequently hasn't taken it's chances and conceded from a keeper error. Don't confuse being a rubbish side with some football philosophy.
  5. Probably bad enough that he couldn't hold the shot, but he should have been able to parry it away and not slap it across the goal for a tap in.
  6. I agree with the sentiment about Zaha, but that was very poor and rash from Tanganga. Guy spent the last few minutes playing like an area boy and fully deserved his red. Was not a normal challenge at all.
  7. I don't know why you are focusing on Africa, it is hard to see how this can pass without essentially ending every major continental competition. It would ruin the international calendar as we know it. Speaking of internationals, the decisions from the UK government are understandable, I suppose, but it is still madness that we are going through with massive international matches, given the competitive imbalance of Premier League players not being allowed to play in certain nations. Many Brazilians, Argentinians, and Colombians are going to miss big matches in this window, Egypt ha
  8. Something is fundamentally wrong with the sport of football in that you can play that way for a third of the match and be level in the score. Genuinely one of the worst performances I have ever seen; all the players look confused or half-asleep. The reality is that the match is still there to be won, Southampton are not a good side and have been wasteful.
  9. Feels like most of the time I see Arsenal teams, someone who I assumed was already gone or on the way out is playing, due to their poor squad management, bloated wages to average players who become difficult to move and continual Bruce-level injury crises. Arsenal are a midtable side, a level below the likes of Leicester, West Ham and Tottenham. Eighth for two consecutive seasons and will be fortunate to reach that again this year.
  10. Not exactly the same thing, but I have a couple of friends who went professional in basketball, but were not good enough for the NBA or the absolute top level in Europe, and spent careers playing in lower tier leagues across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The riches you get are not what you hoped for as a young prospect, but the guys are spending their 20's and early-mid 30's traveling the world, experiencing a variety of different cultures and women, and will still retire with enough that they will have a strong financial buffer when it is time to make the next move (assuming they are not r
  11. I understand why a manager would love Ayoze, hard worker, technically sound, and takes up great positions, but it just seems crazy to me that Leicester cannot find a spot for Iheanacho and Daka over him in the preferred 11. There is just a significant talent gap, for all of Perez's positive traits.
  12. That cannot possibly be the way this debacle ends, with a 3-0 victory for Nice because OM would not come out after being physically attacked by fans. I cannot believe LFP would truly try to force this match to finish, with all of the fans still in attendance behind the goal, after the scenes that happened here.
  13. Osimhen seriously needs to calm down. Guy was playing great for 20 minutes and looked a good bet to score, only to get himself sent off for no real reason. I thought the red card was excessive, could have been yellow, but this is what happens when you have a reputation for being a violent player. This is not Olusosun anymore, you cannot go around hitting people. Abraham looked fantastic in his debut as well, two great assists. There is no reason Roma cannot compete at the top of the league this season, tbf, feels like there is a chance it is quite close among 7-8 teams.
  14. Sure, it is not professional (Alvaro is a lunatic in the best of times anyway ), but the players are humans. Nice fans have thrown rubbish at Payet all match during the corners, with no action by the ref. The last away match they played, only two weeks ago, Rongier was hit in the face by a bottle and injured. No one has to let random people attempt to injure them repeatedly, you have to react at some point.
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