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  1. Almiron offers very little aside from high work rate, not good enough for this level.
  2. We’ll get there, squad is in transition. I’m not worried at all.
  3. Fatigue will play a part as we seen the game after Man City, I expect 3-4 changes.
  4. Got no problem with him being third choice backup striker. He may look elsewhere next summer after a lack of game time?
  5. The team gave 100% and nearly came away with something at a ground we’ve not had much success at, what more can you realistically ask for? We are moving in the right direction, plenty to be optimistic about. Heads up and we go again.
  6. Can anyone see us going 5 at the back for this one?
  7. Let’s just hope he’s back for Liverpool
  8. Not sure where this is going, let’s just agree another quality midfield signing would be nice 😁
  9. Just stating the fact we have not really invested in the midfield area (Bruno aside) of the pitch for a long time
  10. Whilst injury rumours might not be true it’s clear we lack squad strength in midfield, especially with shelvey out long term and the fact Joelinton wasn’t even bought as a midfielder.
  11. Would be nice to keep the run going. These are a decent outfit so will be a tough game, missing Wilson won’t help as Wood is pretty static up top. As on Wednesday night set pieces might be something we can exploit.
  12. Might of been asked previously but is his position a wide forward or central striker type player? I presume he can play both?
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