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  1. Opening 10 aside that was dog awful. Spurs have looked great fair play.
  2. Just seen the interview, that was painful to watch. Goodness knows why he’s carrying on with the job, he looks completely broken, so much so I’m a bit worried for his health tbh. Let’s hope for both sides he’ll be replaced soon, if we want to be a premier league team next season we have points to get on the board a.s.a.p
  3. Ramsey was class for Wales tonight, thought we were unlucky not to win that.
  4. Nearly 30 years of supporting nufc, feels like I have my club back, what a day!
  5. Maybe, but I wouldn’t want him managing nufc. The most successful managers of the past were at least likeable blokes.
  6. I’m unhappy with Bruce however I’d be equally unhappy if he was replaced with a Chris Wilder or Mark Hughes.
  7. We have some ‘winnable’ games up until Christmas period so Ashley will likely gamble till then and reassess depending on how far adrift we are. Who could he then bring in the save us? Would he then gamble to sack Bruce and pay more money for someone else if he’s serious about selling? I’m not so sure?
  8. In Ashley’s eyes we are a point from safety having only played 7 games, Bruce ain’t going anywhere man.
  9. He’s openly said he’s not walking away, Ashley will not sack him either, he’s here for the entire season unfortunately.
  10. Had a switch bought for me last month with super Mario 3D world and Mario cart 8. Both games really good fun, colours and gameplay are both superb. Looking to get Zelda BOTW (for me) and Super Smash Bros Ultimate (for the kids) next, unless anyone recommends anything different?
  11. Texans done well tonight, was in that game until Taylor got injured.
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