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  1. 105 points and up to 1st in N-O league. quite chuffed
  2. Same was said about Cisee and why we went out of our way to purchase him. I'm very sure it was Carr that scouted and recommended Gayle.
  3. Cisse played okay, if he scores the goal that went past the post everyone would say he played well. His control when getting things hoofed at him is awful but its not his strength. Beating defenders, blasting the ball and getting into goal scoring positions are his forte we just didnt play to them today.
  4. Will be at stoke in 2 seasons time.
  5. rocksammy

    Steve McClaren

    SDJ can move backwards and Sissoko can move out right in formation two. Might not be as fluid and functioning but still a possibility. I feel once SDJ is fit and found form he will be a lynch pin just like Anita is.
  6. Just by looking at youtube, its great to see how many goals he scores with his head. However most are against fullbacks.... IDK if that will work so well in England.
  7. He is still a dreamboat in my eyes
  8. He gets a pay bump and an extension on his contract I believe.
  9. Oba Martins won the FA Cup, look who is laughing now
  10. I would replace Colback with Tiote when fit, IMO he's a much better player. I'm not really complaining at the moment though, you're right that it's working well. Vurn should be starting over Colback.... we would be able to keep the ball on the deck more and cycle possession more
  11. bit of strength on him and he will be world class
  12. If I had Sanchez I would of captained but I don't so Costa gets it
  13. rocksammy

    Graham Carr

    I think signing cabella is fine just Pardew obviously has fucked with his head already
  14. As long as McLaren isn't buying players it would work fine....
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