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  1. It's clear that the rest of the league are worried about our new riches and not on any principles. While I can imagine the "big 6" being concerned about the threat that we pose to their dominance, it should not affect Palace since they are not competing where we want to be. They just feel like another Villa who celebrated our relegation on the last day when they are just as irrelevant. Weird.
  2. LRD

    Callum Wilson

    Definitely one of the players we should hold on. Still need to get in another forward as we are thin on options in that department.
  3. Just like Bruce benefited from inheriting a Rafa team in his early days, it will take time to reverse the damage Bruce had done to this team. At least I see the team playing with more purpose, even if the lack of quality and cohesion is apparent. New manager will have a huge rebuilding job on his hands.
  4. Where's Bielsa at? Edit: Leeds. Really out of touch lol
  5. Those faces should be made into emojis.
  6. Finally gave up and went "everything is bad forever" in recent months. Barely watched NUFC matches last season when it used to be a weekend routine. Spurs was the first match I saw this season.
  7. Vieira is managing Palace? Shows how much I have grown sick of following Mike Ashley's NUFC and football over the past few months.
  8. What happens if we break FFP rules anyway? Banned from European competition for a season (which we are unlikely to be in next season)? Transfer embargo for a season like Chelsea? Or a paltry fine? Really nothing painful enough to stop us from breaking the bank for one season.
  9. LRD

    Lee Charnley

    Ah yes, mid-credit scene.
  10. Looks like a progressive, attacking manager.
  11. LRD

    Lee Charnley

    Takeover. Bruce leaving. Him leaving will complete the trilogy.
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