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  1. I think he’ll be more like 12m, just to get him off the books Gordon for Fraser is actually a smart upgrade in that context, as both are industrious hard working fast wingers. One on the way down and one on the way up
  2. the 40m makes sense if this deal is part of it, albeit separately. So they may pay a higher amount for Fraser and it’s effectively a swap deal plus cash
  3. Southampton linked with Kamaldeen Sulemana for 17.5m in bbc. Rapid young left winger full of tricks. Would much much rather him than Gordon, less than half the price, too.
  4. Vitor Roque and Angelo Gabriel are the two Brazillian wonderkids I want. Not fussed about Franca. Perrone (Argentinan) Danilo and Andrey Santos would have been good for the centre mid but I don't mind missing out on a few, as long as we get Roque and Gabriel.
  5. Whoa ok so that's big. Haidara is amazing and defo someone we should be in for
  6. The problem with getting Gordon it would essentially mean no Diaby
  7. Wouldn’t mind him back on a free, let’s get him a Howe redemption arc story too
  8. I got into football aged 10/11 in 1994/95. I was at a relative's house and at the time a Newcastle game was on Sky Sports. I forget which. All of a sudden my older cousin said 'I went to school with him' - he was talking about Andy Cole. Needless to say I didn't believe him but then he told me all sorts of stories about him and it was true, he was actually in the same class. My cousin was a die-hard Man U fan, but I had picked my club from that day on, the club that Cole played for. As I got more into football, I really liked Keegan and the all-out-attack of the whole entertainer's era which reeled me in further. I also became a huge Alan Shearer fan - so it was perfect when he signed for Newcastle. As I'm a bit of a contrarian, it also suited me that whilst everyone at school supported Forest, Man U or Liverpool (with the odd Arsenal thrown in), I was the lone Newcastle fan - which got me defending the cause and got me hooked!
  9. kingxlnc

    Alexander Isak

    Just checked - the sum total of play where Bruno and Isak have been on the same pitch together is the last 12 minutes of Leicester in the Carabao.
  10. kingxlnc

    Alexander Isak

    Almiron was also on at that time I don't think Bruno and Isak have ever been on the pitch together sadly, when Isak joined it coincided with Bruno's injury, then when he returned Isak got injured. At Sheffield Wed, Isak started but Bruno on bench.
  11. kingxlnc

    Jacob Murphy

    At least with him, Burn, Longstaff, Anderson, Dummett and perhaps Gillespie there are more actual boyhood NUFC fans in the squad than any time in the last 25 years. Going back to Keegan’s time. Not the biggest deal in the world but good for the culture; enthusiasm, morale and buy-in.
  12. Swap for Joao Pedro in the summer? Wood + 20M - not a bad deal Let's hope Watford don't get promoted
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