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  1. A £10m loan fee for six months... for Lingard?! I'm sure Chelsea would accept £10m to lend us Lukaku for six months (not that they need the money) - but anyone mid-table who are safe. Abroad - literally take your pick. You could get pretty much anyone's first-choice striker with the exception of the big CL boys - but most would accept the hit for the season for a £10m payout... if it means they get the player back again in the summer. Ridiculous amount of money to pay for a loan... so if we're willing to pay that, get someone world class for it!
  2. Agreed As we've seen before, legs in the middle (e.g. A N'Golo Kante type) is literally the difference between being at the bottom end one season and finishing top the next season. It would transform us more than any other position.
  3. Yeah that's probably about right Ronnie O Sullivan has achieved a lot more whereas Hatem is more of a nearly man
  4. Ben Arfa is the Ronnie O'Sullivan of football Doesn't care about it enough, hardly practices yet is a capable of being world-beater with natural talent alone
  5. The team lacks quality, is ageing, has confidence issues and lacks fitness, for sure. But the biggest thing it’s lacked this season, is luck. Finest margins make a huge difference, and the entire narrative would look different. Brentford, Howes first game, buzzing atmosphere then lose him to Covid. Then Darlow mistakes etc. 2 points gone. Countless incorrect VAR calls this season. clark getting sent off against Norwich. There’s been more positive performances than negative ones under Howe. Even under Bruce, Watford away should have been
  6. We should get Emile Smith Rowe from Arsenal so our strike force is Wood Rowe Wilson ok I’ll get my coat
  7. I don’t like the idea of all these 25m+ signings. The odd 5-10m signing would be most welcome, the likes of Ginter, Sule, Taglifico whos contracts are running out. The squad needs to be padded out with quality all over. We could even tempt them with Demba Ba like release clauses if relegation does happen.
  8. Honestly a six month stint to save us from relegation would be the stuff dreams are made of and would make him an all time legend. Probably my favourite NUFC player of all time, in terms of how much I enjoyed his style of football. He could defo do a job like 34 year old Peter Beardsley did in the early Keegan years, right? Even if as a playmaker number 10 type. Has he even been linked?
  9. Yes good point I had wondered that too, French international and you have to be decent to play for them
  10. kingxlnc

    Chris Wood

    I can just see Howe saying to Digne and Botman next year holding three trophies in his hands and saying to them… big mistake
  11. Perhaps our next signings will all happen two by two
  12. This Wood signing I feel just papers over the cracks I hope journos are barking up the wrong tree with this one Knowing our luck he'll probably end up in the tree-tment room But I'm sure he'll have a blossoming relationship with Will-oak But a blustery one with Gayle Maybe if he scores the winning goal that keeps us up he will strip to his trunks like Laurent Robert I hope we find out if this is happening a-SAP In a nutshell this has been our most exciting window in 14 years but this is the last time we should axe How
  13. *Gabigol (Barbosa) Batigol was Batistuta and I would have LOVED him here - my favourite striker growing up after Shearer
  14. That Azmoun sounds like the perfect striker to get in if you want urgency. Will cost £5m, proven, multiple league winner albeit in weaker league but will have strong mentality. Clubs are only willing to pay £3m for him as his deal expires in summer - in that case just double it and get him in ASAP as the number 2 solution. Then you can work on a bigger deal in the background too.
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