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  1. Kev

    Limewire Problem

    Dont use limewire! If you want music? Copy and paste the youtube link into www.zamzar.com cuts down chances of viruses etc... and gives your computer much more space.
  2. anyone know how you get photoshop without paying? or is this not possible...
  3. put channel 5 on and watch alive... great film. just starting now.
  4. Kev

    What mood are you in?

    nowhere near the worst mood of my life,it was only a game of football. i'm actually more pissed off that there are people like you around than i am that we got beat yesterday. people like me... ? what about the dirty charvers who look disgustingly trampy and make england look bad? the murderers out there? smackheads? people who smack people for the fun of it? im sure they would be classed as worse people than me tbh, and the list could easily go on.
  5. Kev

    What mood are you in?

    He's got a fiancee. when does he spend time with her? hes only been online on here about 1234567890 days
  6. Kev

    What mood are you in?

    f***ing hell i say something when im pissed off and angry. your all c***s anyway, you reply to anything i f***ing post you obsessed tossers. What an idiot you are. you can shut up and f*** off aswell, 24/7 newcastle-online geek, go get a life, your about 23? not meant to be out enjoying your life in clubs and stuff? getting laid? instead you have wanks over this forum, sad sad life./
  7. Kev

    NUFC Songbook

    im shit at making songs, but im bored... (tune of what we sung going into ground yesterday) once in twenty-eightt, once in twenty-eightttt, sad mackem bastards, once in twenty-eightt get back down to earth, get back down to earthhh, sad mackem bastards, get back down to earth
  8. Kev

    The longer JK stays...

    Before the mackem match we were happy with him... Get off his back, not our fault Keegan left us in the shit and have such shite backroom staff. Hes come in and trying to do a decent job. A win on Tuesday and next Monday then we will be saying hes great!? you either like him or hate him, dont get on his back because of one fucking match.
  9. Taylor - shit Bassong - did look good, now he looks shit Cacapa - old and average Coloccini - needs a defensive partner Enrique - looks good one game then shit the next Beye - been terrible anytime hes played this season imo, other defenders are to blame probably Edgar - so bad its unbelieveable Lets get the facts, we are shite and need at least 3 more defenders.
  10. because Shola is s****, a horrible excuse for a player. As for confidence, he's always been high on it Last 2 games: Scored 2, played well. Now leave the fucking lad alone, you cant drop someone who has actually been one of your best players.
  11. Charged/Banned for kissing a badge Sorry, but thats all i can do. What a pisstake Its all a bit of banter man, football is becoming the softest, shittest and most boring sport. players cant do anything now.
  12. is that copper at the top standing laughing!? on the left of the 3
  13. Its not hard to go out and tell your players to 'attack'
  14. Seriously, how can you drop Shola? I think hes played well the past 2 games, scored 2 goals and will be high on confidence. Martins has been terrible, im not saying drop him, but leave those 2 upfront. Its the defence and midfield thats the problem.
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