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  1. At home we can beat anyone. But least likely to beat Liverpool and City. Still, title may well be decided by then and both likely to be running deep into Champions League. I honestly think we can go on a run at some point this season.
  2. I thought Rafa had lost the dressing room or am I?
  3. Think Ive pulled a muscle with the fist pump at full time.
  4. We lack composure something terrible. So many occasions in that half a touch and head up would have had us in a really good position.
  5. We are much better on the counter so vital we went in ahead
  6. Would be happier with no Jonjo just not sure how you make it work given the crap form of Hayden.
  7. It’s a bit ambiguous, a lot of people will read that as criticism of Rafa.
  8. There’s a charity called sudden who assist people coping with a sudden death. Sudden.org saw a leaflet yesterday rocker and thought of your cousin. So sorry for your loss.
  9. Everton’s recruitment reminds me of us under Shepherd.
  10. Didn’t look like they had downed tools last night. Just outplayed by a better team.
  11. Surely their is not homophonic abuse theyre
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