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  1. Partial tear of my quad at the weekend. Anyone had any experience of that? Think I’m looking at about 6 weeks off.
  2. Good time to merge the threads and perhaps lock it until there is some news on CAT?
  3. Everybody is always advocating for violent revolution and seizure of all land/property.
  4. It seemed like the poorest episode of the series. Not a particularly interesting story or concept. People kicking off about Sperm is proper weird though.
  5. Has anyone made a gif of that in goal camera Maguire penna?
  6. They were dreadful, they still came back into the game throughout the first half, with England managing the threat posed very well. I think they had two very good chances in the second half (one they scored from). Can see the appeal of trying to grind out 45 minutes but Plan A stopped really working after about 25 minutes. Would have liked to have seen Sancho brought on, particularly when Chiesa went off, there was a real opportunity there to seize the initative. Really hard to assess it, because whilst the game itself was managed poorly, we lost on penalties. Italy had few clear
  7. Southgates limitations exposed in that game. It’s a bit of a puzzler because he’s done very well but it’s all plan A type of stuff. We missed Foden massively. There are still some problems with the way we play in England too. So much talk of needing to find ways of bringing players into the game. Whereas you want players who play themselves into it.
  8. Spare Ribs, Tom yam goong (all over the footwell of my car), Jungle curry and coconut rice. Bloody amazing.
  9. That post reads like those doctors posters of conditions starting as healthy then getting progressively worse.
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