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  1. To play devils advocate, if you were a little bit ambivalent to NO and played this game and were faithful and at risk of being voted off, I could kinda get on yesterday of all days being like, ok, i'm done here.
  2. Unless they wanted to achieve a tie.
  3. Be wary of the fuck puddle red-herring. They could easily have taken a novel phrase and incorporated into their recruitment, knowing that if or more importantly when that recruitment message was shared (either to ingratiate the succesful recruit or by the unsuccesful recruit letting others know recruitment was off the table) that those words would lead to faithfuls being implicated.
  4. To be honest, looking at the statues outside the ground I’m not sure those not so venerated are missing out on much.
  5. Best Prime Minister the Tory’s never had.
  6. You know this game is horrible when you find yourself going to the football forum for light relief. To be fair the flags and James’ take on Atsu surviving an Earthquake had me in bits .
  7. Bad result against Wolves the weekend and all.
  8. I mean, how fucking stupid can you be?
  9. If it's any consolation that's 3 more than @AyeDubbleYoo. Again, I hardly got any at uni and I think that's true for no shortage of people despite popular perception. It's almost certainly a confidence thing and that will come in time, you'll be giving yourself a tough time over it and it's hard to be comfortable then. People pick up on that. Also don't worry about bodycounts, it'll make you think there's something wrong with you when there isn't.
  10. How old are you these days Haydn? I say this because I was awful with women until 21 and it took a good few years after that to get comfortable and confident.
  11. They illustrate just how toxic pluralist democracy has become in a largely unfettered capitalist society. There is less coroporate interest in the Lords, less press manipulation and pandering.
  12. After today I think there may be an orderly queue for banishment.
  13. Or a constitutional framework for the judicial protection of human rights and unelected Judges.
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