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  1. ElDiablo

    Call of Duty

    Which one do you need to download to play it? Just the previous MW?
  2. ElDiablo

    Job stuff

    Currently in my first smart casual job, always been able to wear whatever or WFH, I look like a fucking disgrace every day. Hard to justify buying a load of stuff just for work imo.
  3. Pretty much how it originated in London I think - and it's become more tied to the aesthetic as time has gone on.
  4. Feel like it was obvious what Bournemouth's game plan was from minute one. I'd have brought Wood on much earlier, one way to bypass a low block is to hit a target in the box and try and disrupt them. We were just banging our head against a brick wall for the last 30 mins.
  5. We're all at it today, first touch up in the air constantly.
  6. Bruno the only one with an ounce of creativity in the front 6 (not Isak's job tbf). We look like a well coached side, but are sorely lacking in the final third. Not news.
  7. ElDiablo


    Let's hear it then.
  8. ElDiablo


    Manager's are probably reticent to rock the boat just before WC, but seeing Fred in there is a little upsetting. Does nothing better than our Joe.
  9. Looking forward to seeing him with better quality around him. Looks a player.
  10. Lack of cutting edge the only thing which is going to hurt us this season, had enough decent chances to win and about 15 set pieces. Can't fault the effort and we're still in a decent position, having played Man City & Liverpool already and some of our best players to come back. Oh, and we didn't lose. All good.
  11. Leicester are down alongside Wolves in the 'imagine watching this every week' stakes.
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