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  1. That's sounds insane, being refused that many times. Hope you don't have to wait too long.
  2. 77 with DCL to play. Feels good to captain my highest scorer in Ronaldo for once.
  3. ElDiablo


    Lovely stuff. Incredible how at home she looked (and the other girl tbf) at that age.
  4. Same here, walked in and my mum came straight to the door to say something horrible had happened and explained somewhat. Didn't really have any understanding of what any of it meant and just went about my business. Only in the following days did I get a grip of the magnitude of it all with all the media coverage and obviously the videos shown, particularly seeing footage of people jumping and falling from the towers.
  5. Don't mind them tbh, sort of just vibe and float around. Daddys > Spiders >>>>>> Moths
  6. Don't like to criticise but is it a bit naive not to make a change or two to tighten things up. Bit sloppy game management again imo.
  7. Feed a bit weird or just me?
  8. Had one in my kitchen sink, I'm semi scared of them so didn't want to pick him up, so I just removed the plug filter thing so he could go back down. Ended up staying for about 2 weeks, even through a few accidental soakings. Thought it was kinder to get a mate to put him outside, but I grew quite attached in the end.
  9. Guardian said 'destroyed'. Assuming they used dynamite to make sure.
  10. ElDiablo

    Not sure if gusta

    Alright Nietzsche...
  11. ElDiablo

    Not sure if gusta

    Gusta for me like. Have a bit of a thing for differences, imperfections or whatever you want to call it.
  12. Thinking about rewatching Breaking Bad (only seen it once at the time), in absence of everything else being crap.
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