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  1. Seems VAR is not for football or fans, but a tool to protect the big clubs, just like FFP, and all the other anticompetative rules they put in place
  2. Wtf is the point of VAR, did they even review it? If they did, then how could they say that’s nothing? Should be some accountability for the rats in the VAR-room too.
  3. At this rate it could be 😂
  4. Must be the most expensive piece of wood in all of history.. Does it even burn?
  5. Why did the ref blow, it was just a head injury to the defender?
  6. Think he just got injured
  7. So you could theoretically leave a player way offside and try to pass to that player via deflection off an opponent? Where is this new law, all i found was this rule? 😛
  8. I think number 13 is the rule that should have been applied to their goal https://www.thefa.com/~/media/files/thefaportal/governance-docs/laws-of-the-game/11-v-11/interpretation-of-laws---2013-14/law-11---interpretations-of-the-laws-of-the-game.ashx The shot by a team-mate (A) rebounds off or is deflected by an opponent to attacker (B) who is penalised for playing or touching the ball having previously been in an offside position.
  9. So, can you be offside if the ball comes off a defender? Yes. If the ball is deflected off a defender or the defender makes a deliberate save, it’s offside. Only when a defender deliberately plays the ball is it not considered offside. Shelvey probalbly played to the cambridge player on purpose…
  10. Can they float it to the backpost?
  11. Sure, just push him over with two straight arms, no problemo
  12. Last win at anfield in the league in 94? 😂
  13. snabelkabel

    Joe Willock

    Bit harsh on Joelinton, after finally looking like a footballer
  14. CM is priority, but I think if (when) Wilson gets injured we are fucked, so need a backup striker as well
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