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  1. YOHAAAAAAAN, you had me but I never had you I wanted you, you didn't want me So I, I just got to tell you Goodbye, Cabaye
  2. Cabaye leaving is reminiscent of the time my wife walked out on me. I still masterbate to her voicemail.
  3. http://www.newcastle-online.org/nufcforum/avs/avatar_3514_1372856851.png
  4. anyone watching the Naked Rambler on BBC1? I'm so turned on right now.
  5. I think we should take a chance on Charlie Austin. Saw him play at the weekend and he's just a natural goalscorer. Reminds me of a young Bill Appleyard.
  6. can we really trust a man whose name is an anagram of "unclean lint roll"?
  7. we should put this quote in the forum banner.
  8. http://www.gap.co.uk/browse/product.do?cid=57449&vid=1&pid=000770672000 "do you come with the shirt?" lol
  9. change the thread title already
  10. :lol: thread title change! That is top drawer.
  11. Sell Cabaye. Recall Amalfitano. http://l.wigflip.com/C6r99YoY/roflbot.jpg
  12. In floods of tears here. RIP my future wife (when you do eventually die).
  13. I'm in Scotland and it's not available those Scots sure are a contentious people.
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