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  1. To be honest, racism is always going to more of an issue in economically deprived areas such as the North East.
  2. Colocho


    I can't tell, is the yawn over Colocho's awful WUM attempt or the everyone fawning over mimi joke? WUM?
  3. Colocho


    London > Newcastle.
  4. Is Clyne that much better than Simpson?
  5. Looking forward to this. Hopefully HBA will start...
  6. I've never seen/heard any racism at SJP. Still an issue at away games as Roger Kint pointed out... Remember a nasty incident at Watford away five or so years ago, it's getting better though. The twats in their EDL polo shirts don't help. Edit: Yes, let's not go that route, ey. - BlueStar
  7. Colocho

    Who can go?

    Smith, Xisco, Forster, Ranger, Harper, Perch and Ameobi (the latter is obviously going nowhere).
  8. ----------------------- Krul -- Simpson -- Taylor -- Coloccini -- Santon --------------- Cabaye -- Tiote -- Gutierrez ----------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Ben Arfa ------------------- Ba -- Cisse ----------------
  9. Blatently going to pull a Maiga on us.
  10. I feel sorry for the non-mongs like Know how they feel as soon as I log on to here.
  11. http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/394041_165251056911785_100002806740962_177024_202417802_n.jpg
  12. Can confirm this is Papiss Cisse...
  13. Why dont you piss off with your fucking negativity. I was joking. Fucking tool.
  14. Sunday was definitely the catalyst for the club to spend £10m~
  15. Not a wise signing. We'll be fucked during Ramadan and next years ACoN.
  16. http://images.wikia.com/eastenders/images/9/9a/Winston.jpg
  17. Fantastic work from the club. £7.5m is a great price.
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