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  1. I mean i just don't think it will hurt squad harmony at all and i kinda if agree to keep contact stuff till summer but i just don't think it's a thing with criticising the club for it's a relative no brainer
  2. This is just mean some people enjoy this stuff
  3. Afaik puyol isn't a racist cunt but could be proved wrong i guess
  4. Ripple effect through the squad? If anyone in the squad is sitting there thinking he doesn't deserve to be best paid they need rooting out. They should see being outstanding for the club gets rewarded. I do kinda agree dealing with contacts after season makes a degree of sense but it would hardly be a bad decision. Real Madrid may come in with £100m first day in summer and we can resist that better if he's signed new deal
  5. Is there any indication the road ahead for him is blockaded? They may resist selling him this window but Everton sell all the time and they are desperate for money. Feels a stupid gambit that will backfire when we refuse to meet Everton's evaluation
  6. There are ffp issues i think they've decided to stay sensible rather than splurge to try and secure top 4 and possibly disrupt the squad. The are merits to both approaches and no doubt some fury if we finish 5th assuming no flurry of activity
  7. If a team came to him and said we want you to be the main man, at Newcastle you are going to just be a cog I could completely understand the pull. I will accept him being moved on in the summer with exciting replacement, he is not ideally suited to teh high press we play but I will still be really sad and hope he seizes a place in the squad with performances like Tuesdays because he has all the capability in the world to be great but he needs to get relentless in providing end product.
  8. The urgency is essentially if Longstaff or Bruno get injured we just don't have the cover in the area. Equally i think we can do all out pressure everywhere we can't do slow the game down pass slowly at times. It's mainly as cover or to replace Longstaff and allow Bruno move further forward. The reason it's urgent is how panicked we all were at Bruno getting injured we are light in the middle, a good passer with some creativity some grit is needed imo.
  9. Howe and club still have plenty trust in the bank for me to suspend my reservations. Still think defensive mid was important...
  10. Looks like the Danjuma deal has been hijacked by Spurs so doubt Everton will sell anyway
  11. it definitely seems some players can put the ball where they want to when they make a pass but as soon as a switch in their head says they're making a shot they seem to approach it very differently. Obviously you rarely put your laces through a pass so that will be different but if he was willing to just pass it into the net i'm sure he'd score a few more, there was definitley a shot against Crystal Palace where he whacked it but straight at keeper when a side foot pass either side of keeper would likely have done. I'm sure loads of players could suddenly become double figure goal scorers if the I'M GOING TO SHOOT BETTER WIND UP THE LEG AND PREPARE TO WHACK IT AS HARD AS I CAN switch could be turned off in their heads.
  12. Tiresias

    Alexander Isak

    I would think considering Eddie's playing career he probably is extra conscious of taking care of injuries properly
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