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  1. Getting the backroom organisation of the club up to scratch is a huge job that takes time. Getting our squad back up to reasonable standard after years of awful coaching neglect and poor signings is also a huge task. It was always a tall order to avoid the need we are in and i do think they dithered but my criticism is tiny really. They could do everything right and we could still go down. I think we will go down, i don't know if it's realistically avoidable but i know this whole club needs root and branch change and a season in championship isn't worst thing in the world to clear out ro
  2. Tiresias

    Rafa Benítez

    Everton mate reckons hes gone
  3. i agree with that but i think we're probably down anyway. Need to take championship year to rebuild squad and then hope the premier league dont change the rules to ban us when we come back up (they totally will)
  4. The squad is absolutely terrible, midfield has been awful for ages and both the defense and attack are terrible. This is teh result of basically poor recruitment that drove Rafa out. The players that used to perform at a higher level have regressed, Howe needs to get Longstaff playing well again but I dunno if he can. The defence can't handle whats being asked of them, and our attack is too slow to cause too many problems. Too reliant on 'moments of magic' happening still. Howe isn't fully to blame. Maybe it is too toxic. But players like Fraser, Shelvey and Longstaff belong nowhe
  5. Go down, ditch as much of the squad as possible and rebuild, even if leaves us in championship for another few seasons we need a total wipe. I am not convinced by Howe yet but he has inherited a total shit show. There are no current players I would be particularly sad to lose.
  6. City have won the league, their talent in depth has kept them at a higher level during this extremely attritional winter bit of season. Very hard to see them even coming close to losing that lead, probably just give them trophy now. Only thing interesting I guess is race for 4th place, of which I hope West Ham manage it somehow
  7. Well works for me as I was going to watch a film and slightly disappointed I was going to miss that.
  8. That and I think DoFs dont want the reputation of jumping ship mid season on them for future jobs I suspect so are much more likely to see out seasons than players are.
  9. Tiresias

    Chris Wood

    not exactly the most exciting signing and kinda crazy to spending £20m on him but if he can be revived probably useful for remainder of season
  10. There is very little value in the January window and especially considering our obvious desperation and money this is absolutely inevitable. Honestly teh thing that is most annoying really is that it does feel like our club leaks like a sieve. I appreciate most comes from agents etc far from the control of our club but i do think th eclub wants to keep journos friendly so talk a lot and it just means all the missed targets are very obvious
  11. This is way too harsh. However it is absolutely clear the squad is dire and it will take a huge amount to turn us around. I am concerned about Howe but perfectly willing to give him more of a chance but I am disappointed we are still look aimless in attack.
  12. I dunno feel if he wasnt there noone would be trying anything at all. Still disappointing lack of end product, desperately needs a player who can hold up the ball alongside him mind.
  13. Very poor, we were unfortunate not to get a goal at times but as time wore on was clear we weren't beating their stoic defence and they got a goal with a bit of luck. Well done them. Our players should be embarrassed.
  14. Well deserved by cambridge this, we are just totally clueless in attack, loose with passes, lots of crosses to nobody nothing particularly incisive
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