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  1. If that thread was realistic we'd be entering mbappe's second season at the club, I mean I stay out of there to let you all have your fun, but what we want to happen != what actually happens
  2. No one really knows the odds of it getting revived just pulling out conjecture maybe it could but as a general rule of something was supposed to take a month or two and it hasn't happened after a year and there's a ton of complicated court cases to get through don't hold your breath. All these Twitter people stringing people along i am finding more and more objectionable. I really hope to be surprised but i very much doubt this is ever going to happen
  3. Should be criminal offence playing Hendrick, would see worst player i'v eever seen but he's invisible once on the pitch
  4. I mean this decision alone explains everything wrong with this fucking club. Mediocrity is too nice.
  5. Absolutely shocking miss from Gayle. Absolute gash in this league.
  6. What gets me is like, what does it matter if Keith thinks we'll win it or not, how the fuck would he know? All this going off peoples feelings. I don't want to be negative but still think this has been dead for a long time and I kinda hate to see how many people are strung along by it, but I hope I'm wrong. It's all a bit reading tea leaves though, oooh this bloke reckons premier league have no chance, but wait candice from Hexham says she has seen a ghost in a mirror saying the premier league will cave
  7. To think that if we'd signed him at start of season he may be in for the golden boot by now
  8. Bruce is going to get wanked off for giving it a go. Rafa would have won this by having us defend.
  9. Tiresias

    Steve Bruce

    Blithering about ahving turned it all around on match of the day. Weren't you talking about top half and competing for a cup at start of season? Twat.
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