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  1. Goes some way to explaining the apparent want for ‘PL experience’ which is worrying in itself.
  2. I’m absolutely dying to know who is main voice in terms of recruitment and what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s been clear for years we need new CMs but seems to be an area we’re not prioritising. Is Howe genuinely content with his options there? Find it hard to believe he isn’t pushing for more or has it been decided elsewhere that we have more pressing needs? I’d also love to know how we’re identifying our targets, just seems like a completely scattergun approach. It’s all well and good picking out the likes of Botman and Carlos but we should have the resources now to be able
  3. The fucking nerve of this cunt.
  4. Ash

    Sven Botman

    There are 100s of actual LBs out there too, rather than signing someone to play them out of position.
  5. Ash

    Sven Botman

    We signed a RB last week.
  6. Ash

    Lee Charnley - GONE

    Farewell sweet Prince.
  7. Leave him to do his work on the training pitch and keep him away from recruitment. Get the right structure in place above him and he could flourish.
  8. Any plans to get a date nailed down for the draft?
  9. Impressive flounce for failing to make the play-offs.
  10. At least we've discovered that Fantail Breeze wasn't a detective.
  11. Ash

    The horse racing thread

    Eklat De Rire nearly making the bookies an absolute fortune there, would have been worse than Annie Power's fall had he scuppered Monkfish.
  12. Ash

    The horse racing thread

    Fixed that for you. He helped win me over £5k at Cheltenham last year. I’ve made no secret I’ve copied his tips. Mentioned it in betting thread previously. I’m not really a horses betting man What’s your point tho other than to be a bit of a dick? Not everyone reads the betting thread. If you're going to post selections that are directly ripped from a preview or tipster, at least have the decency to state it and link to them to give them the credit they deserve.
  13. Ash

    The horse racing thread

    Fixed that for you.
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