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  1. Ash

    Alexander Isak

    It isn’t perfect, no. However, there is plenty of preventive stuff out there and ways to manage training loads, etc. The main issue at the minute is players suffering setbacks so there’s clearly something amiss in terms of what we’re doing in recovery which is nothing to do with luck.
  2. Ash

    Alexander Isak

    Muscular injuries aren’t bad luck.
  3. I imagine Potter didn't have a great deal of say in terms of the recruitment at Brighton so that won't be an issue for him. What will cause problems is that Chelsea's recruitment team aren't as effective as Brighton's and I doubt they have the same approach to how they land on their transfer targets. It may be Potter can influence a change in that approach but it would need a clued-up DoF to achieve that and it will take years to change their methods which could be problematic for them in the short to medium term.
  4. Ash

    Newcastle restaurants

    Gonna try and get into town early enough for a Sunday dinner before the game today. Any recommendations?
  5. People really need to stop getting worked up by what’s said in the media. They have absolutely no idea what’s going on.
  6. Ash

    NFL 2022

    Just noticed it was around the time of the takeover, was clearly too excited to read PMs.
  7. Over double the fee Adeyemi went for - doesn't really stack up.
  8. Danjuma and Paqueta are the two no-brainer transfers we should be looking to make this summer. I get they won't be cheap but both supposedly have release clauses which are not completely prohibitive and they appear to be attainable, despite being a level above where we are right now. They would add so much value to the squad because of their ability to play in several positions and that versatility could be priceless in terms of helping the squad to evolve, especially in the short-term. While we are still apparently hamstrung by a lack of commercial deals, etc. we need to make sure what we do spend goes a long way and with these being able to slot in to different roles, they would be game-changing signings. Their versatility also adds further value and they can change how we can play too. These two in particular can play can play in numerous systems and would not just be ‘slotting in’ somewhere for the sake of it. They can produce genuine quality in whichever position they are deployed and they’d allow us to make tactical tweaks during matches which would help cover for the lack of quality in depth we have at present.
  9. He can, one of his best attributes.
  10. Amazingly, there's more to assessing the quality of a footballer than watching a YouTube compilation.
  11. Goes some way to explaining the apparent want for ‘PL experience’ which is worrying in itself.
  12. I’m absolutely dying to know who is main voice in terms of recruitment and what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s been clear for years we need new CMs but seems to be an area we’re not prioritising. Is Howe genuinely content with his options there? Find it hard to believe he isn’t pushing for more or has it been decided elsewhere that we have more pressing needs? I’d also love to know how we’re identifying our targets, just seems like a completely scattergun approach. It’s all well and good picking out the likes of Botman and Carlos but we should have the resources now to be able to find players who have so far gone under the radar, making them more attainable for a variety of reasons.
  13. The fucking nerve of this cunt.
  14. Ash

    Sven Botman

    There are 100s of actual LBs out there too, rather than signing someone to play them out of position.
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