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  1. I only found out recently that Bryce Dallas Howard was Ron Howard's daughter.
  2. Surely his parents can be had for obstruction at least, they stonewalled the police pretending he was at their place, while he was actually on the run.
  3. He was a big loss to us, think we would have been Premier League again now had he stayed more than a year.
  4. Is this a YELLOW or a RED. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/swansea-city/12411730/how-is-this-only-a-yellow Manning had tapped the ball away to stop a quick free kick. Ref gave both a yellow. I can't think this being a yellow if Ronaldo was on the receiving end.
  5. This guy is one of my favourites and mixes it up a bit.
  6. This is a mixture of music and a critic. I've found myself addicted to listening to great songs from my youth and someone's reaction to hearing it for the first time.
  7. Its easy when your making a fortune on side projects and expansions. I don't believe he has any intention any more of completing the book series.
  8. Groo

    Freddie Woodman

    Didn't expect to see Freddie starting for you guys. As I mentioned above, a number of our fans didn't want him to return, many thought he wasn't brave enough, stuck on his line when he should be coming out and poor distribution. I always thought he did OK with us but I think Benda is an improvement. The funny thing is, because of the clean sheets most other fans think Woodman is a big loss and reading other fans site now they all think Benda is a liability, whereas our fans love Benda and think he'll go on to bigger things. I'll be interested to see how FW g
  9. Funnily enough his named came up on our forum, someone reckoned we could do with someone to point where our players should go.
  10. Groo

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    I went through them all in chronological order, so started with Captain America, then Captain Marvel, etc.
  11. It'll be interesting, not a good win record with MKD but tries to play the way our fans want. Saw some clips of their Bournemouth game where their players consistently put themselves in trouble by short passing at the back, looked like the players were not up to that style.
  12. Steve Cooper to Fulham is what we are expecting this weekend once Parker to Bournemouth is confirmed. Most Swansea fans are not too concerned and w=quite like the idea of someone new. Although Fulham are apparently balking now at the 3.5 million compensation that they've known about since the start.
  13. Groo

    Freddie Woodman

    Rumour on our site that we're looking to take Woodman on another year loan. Not everyone happy, a lot think we should be playing Benda our own keeper rather than another loan. There's quite a debate on whether he's good enough, pointing to the defenders in front of him for the clean sheets. Quite a few think he's too slow in distribution and gives the ball away with bad distribution. We may lose Cooper this weekend to Fulham, so the desire to take him may end anyway.
  14. Groo

    Comic Books/Movies/TV

    Can't believe Jupiter's Legacy has been cancelled after one series!! Was looking forward to season 2
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