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  1. Lascelles will be straight back in the team, daft to think otherwise.
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    25% off Lifestyle and Training gear -> https://shop.nufc.co.uk/collections/black-friday-week-25-off-lifestyle-and-training
  3. HUGZ

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    there’s been a lot of rumours based off one line from an interview with the founders, but nothing ever officially linking them with Castore. it all came from this thread - https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/the-reuben-brothers-and-castore.139879/
  4. HUGZ

    Kits & merchandise

    that’s not true.
  5. HUGZ

    Kits & merchandise

    Castore are pish like. I hope we get them binned for Nike or Adidas as soon as possible. people give them way too much credit for releasing lazy shit like that retro shirt. it’s a cash grab. they’re not doing us a favour
  6. must be a proper buzz to have access to SJP like that. hope the club look after the lads properly and help them as much as possible along the way. I get the feeling they’ve only scratched the surface so far! worth remembering they rightfully walked away under Ashley as well. a selfless group of legends with morals and without egos. it’ll never catch on.
  7. 20 likes and I’ll lock it.
  8. Who would you add and why? Caveats: they're in their prime, on a contract until the end of the season, with the sole aim of improving the current team to ensure survival.
  9. Downloading now! There's currently issues with the Game Pass version on PC, but Steam works fine. oh and it's free to play btw
  10. just let the lad crack on, man. he’s obviously a few cards short of a full deck, like most “personalities” on youtube to be fair.
  11. this. it's built on Chrome and blocks all of that shit by default - https://brave.com/
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