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  1. I echo what Ian says. Leave it for now and dont worry about it. If it is yours, then you have the right to do fuck all. If your neighbour or their landloard want a fence, they can erect one and then its their responsibility. Plenty of other things to be worrying about atm than a fence. Im sure youll get no grief. In saying that, it appears to be 4 or 5 supporting stakes for those panels. If you get to the point of wanting to, you can probably get 5x6ft fence stakes for 20/30 quid if you call around. Piss easy to get the old stubs out and new ones in. Then nail the panels in. Ive me
  2. So a lot of those will be errors he's made defending, whilst playing in an attacking role over a number of years, Id imagine? I dont remember him being a LB before us. He's played there for us what 3 years now? Responsible for 21+ if you try and follow the trend?
  3. Not even just this season. His inability to defend the back post has cost us a shit load.
  4. I'd genuinely love to know how many goals he's been directly responsible for us conceding. The fact we've persisted for so long to play someone who isnt a defender in a defensive position has been a major contribution to us being in this position. Moving him out for an actual LB would bring drastic improvements in results. We'd concede noticeably less imo
  5. Yeah thats fair and Id ideally want an OS that supports Play Store apps but just doesnt bundle everything else in. I could have Google Maps installed but not being automatically logged in to Google. The fact Ive linked my card to Android Pay to use my phone to pay meaning my Bank card is automatically linked to Google Ads and other Google services is asking for trouble, which I got. Ideally I would be able to use Google Maps without an account and have a email service that didnt automatically create accounts in shit Id never use. They just want to capture as much as they can from me and they c
  6. Want rid of Google services on my phone, tbh. Having Android just means they all creep in to your life when you dont particularly want them. Just because I have a Gmail account and a phone running Android now I have an account on every Google service going. It's ridiculous. That and theyre being cunts about my refund.
  7. Anyone have/had any success running open source alternatives to Android? Time to dump Google I think. Read /e/ could be an option?
  8. Usually give "acoustic versions" a wide berth, but I'm a fan of this. Think it actually frees his voice up a bit more, which is a good thing.
  9. Nowt special here in Leeds. Bit windy.
  10. Started getting numbness in my hands about a year ago which has since been diagnosed as Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. Doing my fucking head in. I sleep on my side or back and naturally just end up bending my arms at the elbow joint. About 30 mins after that happens my hands go numb and tingly which wakes me up. Not slept properly in more than 6 months Id wager. Probably going to have to get some weird gimp splints for my elbows when I go to sleep to keep them straight. Going to look like a proper dweeb.
  11. It's like loads of meteors peppering Cullercoats
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