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  1. maaan, its weird to be reminded that was a thing. Honkin.
  2. Strip club me is a monster. Fuck that guy. He'll get me killed
  3. This! I'm almost glad in a way because my peak came later and that was much more fun. Try telling it to 21 year old me, though. Lester Bangs is the authority on this stuff.
  4. As horrific as the HoL is, it does highlight how shocking our political process is. The HoL seems to be more often than not on the side of public opinion curbing the excesses of the leading party, despite them being elected by them and the opposition parties. Yet they are remarkably more able to find common, sensible ground.
  5. Yous are making me look good, lads.
  6. The fucking comments again. Twitter people are the WORST. Proper "My lass watches Loose Women" vibes.
  7. I've just got a turbo for my bike. My tyres say 28-622 (700 x 28c), would the '28-599/26x1.1' version of the following fit? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Vittoria-Zaffiro-Home-Trainer-23-622/dp/B003TNRYKY
  8. Wasnt sure where to put this as its spans many genres. Big fan of this guy and how he explains things, so good at breaking complicated things down in to its component parts. Suppose he's mainly a UK politics kinda guy but this video is so general it'd likely be miscategorised in there.
  9. Aaronson is probably one of their most frustrating players imo. Looks good on the ball for a bit then fails pretty much every key pass or shot on goal. Still young I suppose. Thought Gnonto, Summerville and Sinistera were more effective.
  10. They looked decent in parts in games but also absolutely toothless and still always likely to concede. They were probably likely to continue on the some path with him and be in the battle come the end, don't think he had the next level in him to turn some nice football in to winning games.
  11. So happy he's okay if true. Feel a bit shan saying it like given the likely large number of people that obviously didnt make it. Horrible situation.
  12. Very much a PR campaign for the kind of politics she was the inspired face for. It's just the frothing right wing liberals like Baker and tufton st. etc like BG said trying to get their agenda back in the press.
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