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  1. I can see where your coming from but having two defensive mids means Scotland have spare men to mark our destroyers out of the game, we need to play 10 yards further up the pitch like Peps teams, it makes the opposition do something, tonight Scotland had time to think. I suppose my point is to not play Bellingham as a DM. I dont think he's a strict DM anyway from my limited viewing, he has real ability, strength and drive. I wouldnt ask him to sit. Come back and try and win it with the team, aye. But then just go. we had no one making Scotland sprint backwards. They're
  2. I don't know why but I just don't see Grealish anywhere in this set up. Was infuriated when he refused to pass it, kept the ball off 3 playrs while running backwards and getting a free kick in the centre circle. He's just not quick enough in his release and thinking, for me. I think we'd benefit from a box to box runner to really drive us. I havent watched Bellingham much but he seems like our best option in that regard for me.
  3. We were definitely beaten tactically/set up, wise. How it didnt prompt more of a change is poor. Grealish for Foden was silly. Should have been Sancho for Sterling. Probably Bellingham for Rice to for more legs.
  4. So wet. Needed to be angrier. Credit to Scotland, mind. Very well organised and we couldnt come up with any creativity to get through. And they had the anger.
  5. Oh pass the fucking ball man you fanny. What on earth does that get us?!
  6. Rice and Sterling off Jude and Sancho on I reckon. Ask Jude to make runs forward from centre and ask Phillips to sit. And move it much fucking quicker
  7. Cant hep but feel 433 has played in to their hands with a well organised 5 at the back essentially.
  8. We're too happy to try and pass around in front of them when we attack and they just drop back and organise. Means we have 4 or 5 midfield players arced around the box and Kane on his jack marked by 3. Desperate for some more runs in to the box from people to pull defenders around because they're happy just sitting there atm. This defence is there for the taking we've just got to be smarter. One of Rice or Phillips needs to go off imo.
  9. No one close enough to Kane in and around the box. They just leave him on his own with 3 or 4 players. Insane.
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