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  1. Jordan

    Jeff Hendrick

    He’s utter shite. One of our worst signings of recent times. Free seems like too big of a fee for him.
  2. Is Howe ever out of training gear?
  3. I once had restricted view tickets thinking it would be like a low roof that blocks a tiny bit of the view. No, it was a pillar directly in front of the seat. Such a shit ground.
  4. Jordan

    Kieran Trippier

    Bet he doesn’t make next England squad 😂
  5. Really want it to work out for him as he is likeable and what he’s said previously about how he wants us playing is what I want to see. The first half today was very poor, he wants to control games but we have no central midfield to do it. Fair play to him though, we looked much better secon half and managed the game well to hold onto the win which we didn’t do last week.
  6. The injuries have took away his burst of pace.
  7. Looked confident again today. It seeped into back 4 as well.
  8. He’s ball greedy but we’d never be in the opposition box without him.
  9. Is this a real thing? I’ve been on here 13 years and have no fucking idea how to do it
  10. Jordan

    Chris Wood

    His touch is so poor.
  11. It’s not just this game though, officiating has potentially cost us crucial points this season. Fraser was blatantly fouled three games in a row in box that were stonewall pens and not given. Theres no point in VAR if they also don’t have the balls to highlight clear decisions that the refs missed.
  12. Refs should be doing post match interviews. Should be explaining how that wasn’t a pen and where the fuck 5 mins AET came from.
  13. Jordan

    Joe Willock

    Much better second half. Was making clever runs for first time this season. Hope he kicks on from that.
  14. Nice after two years of Bruce to come out second half having made changes tactically.
  15. I was wrong. Thought Longstaff was a braindead decision but he played well. We were so much better second half.
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