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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-58022860 "Just a single bone found" that doesn't sound good...
  2. He's nicked Robert's pants
  3. Cheapest now are €945. Think I'm going to give it a swerve at that price
  4. It's a little bit worse than that. He didn't use the proper serbian word for Albanian (Which I think is Albani) but the word 'šiptarsku' which is only ever used in a derogatory way against Albanians.
  5. Keeper looked sick of his life before Ronaldo took that
  6. Absolutely bonkers. I'm not sure I have the stomach to watch it after that and the players are wanting to continue playing? I did not see that coming at all, would suspect that means he must be doing relatively okay.
  7. Man, that look in his eyes as he fell. Just haunting. Even after an hour, even with those pictures of him with his head up and UEFA saying he's stabilised, it's impossible to think about anything else right now.
  8. Genuinely one of the most shocking moments I can remember having seen on TV. Just so incredibly sobering.
  9. Makes such a difference hearing a crowd sing a national anthem.
  10. Great movement to get ahead of the defender. Brilliant header too.
  11. Another £200 million the season after . Unsurprisingly, they've just smashed Reims 16-2 .
  12. Only Newcastle could be gifted two goals, have a man advantage and still fuck it up.
  13. Shelvey has had about 4 touches and each one of them has been absolute hoop.
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