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  1. Not saying it's right but you'd think it would frustrate a lot of people who've worked their way up to £30-40k to suddenly be earning maccies wages. Appreciate implementing it won't be as basic a process as that.
  2. Hippo Heed's Bolton were the masters of it.
  3. Making a bit of a habit of getting complacent when going ahead, should have seen out yesterday comfortably. Whitby & Matlock started very well too, going to be an interesting season. You'd think being full time will give Shields the edge over the course of it.
  4. Some lad Rahm. Need 3-1 here like to make tomorrow at least semi interesting.
  5. Unreal performance that. Hopefully Fury splits the god botherer's heed open though.
  6. Going to have to watch this on mute. Surely can't be a bigger pack of nonces worldwide than American Ryder Cup attendees.
  7. It's got next to no prestige though. Barely a rung up from the Pizza Cup. Would much rather all efforts were put into restoring the FA Cup to what it once was.
  8. All for binning the League Cup tbf. Would do a lot for the FA Cup as well you feel.
  9. Sad news, awful disease. Don't dislike Kinnear tbf, his spell in charge is just filed under peak banter years.
  10. Foluwashola

    Your Pet Hates

    That bit yesterday with the ructions between the museum and the bloke who pulled it out the lake Everyone came across like a bellend. Only a matter of time before someone plows into these weird insulation ultras on the M25.
  11. Was class last night like - can't hack it on a schoolnight anymore though
  12. Woeful standard, just foul after foul.
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