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  1. Cracking ties. Shields will stand a chance against Scunny anarl based on how shite they’re doing in the conference.
  2. Foluwashola


    Enjoyed the odd day drinks in Stack. Shocking location that though.
  3. Foluwashola

    Homeowner stuff

    Aye, ours is up in a couple of years at which point we have to take on an additional ~£60k of HTB anarl. Be going full on John Darwin if anywhere near the quoted numbers at that point.
  4. Would genuinely be in favour of a blanket ban on Americans participating in the sport in any other capacity than watching.
  5. Foluwashola

    João Pedro

    Waitrose Burnsie has had a bit of a stinker in fairness.
  6. Foluwashola

    Your pet hates

    Going in on Weetslade roundabout anarl now. Disgusting scenes on that stretch of road.
  7. As with Bobby & Keegan, a bad word against him should be an immediate ban tbh.
  8. Something very sinister about Ronaldo like. Certainly hiding a darkness.
  9. Steve McDonald done some decent shagging given his toolset.
  10. 3. Looking very good, Spence & Johnson in particular. We should do a Darlow / Lascelles on them.
  11. Surprised both giving up on England that early tbf.
  12. Journos tying themselves in knots in attempts to claim they’ll be doing anything other than loving every minute of their all expenses paid jollies in the sun. Whilst no doubt continuing to slate our fans.
  13. God I hope they start up the ‘we believe that we can win’ shite again. Will make it so much sweeter when our brave lions decimate them.
  14. Ah whey, group should be EASY again then.
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