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  1. Fuck Steve Bruce. Some of those early games were winnable.
  2. Just chuck a ball at the players and say to them 'let's play'.
  3. So glad he went to Everton and didn't end up back here like because would have hated to read comments like above even if we won matches if he was the manager.
  4. We did want him after sacking off Bruce didn't we but he stayed loyal to them?
  5. Aye, 3rd round draw is the only draw I ever care about in the whole of football. Not even the World Cup draw gives me any excitement to watch. Only reason I will watch any draws beyond the 3rd round is if we're in it. 2nd round gets my attention too this time around with Gateshead in a big televised tie.
  6. Out in the 1st round already. sorry if i misinterpreted your post.
  7. Meaning before Round 2 kicks off? Ok, will try get confirmation before editting opening post/thread title. Thanks.
  8. Something to look out for post-Burnley this weekend. BBC and ITV have the rights for the competition from this season onwards. The draw will commence as part of the coverage for local non-league Hertfordshire derby Boreham Wood v St Albans City (coverage starts 6.45 pm) - the draw time (tbc) will be on ITV4. Also this Friday 3rd December Gateshead vs Charlton Athletic - Live on ITV4 at 7.45pm The third round matches will commence with the first being played on Friday evening (January 7), up until Monday night (January 10). Spoile
  9. For comparison below. From February 2020. Same opposition, grand total of 12 pages, 289 replies and most of them were people who didnt watch the game. Posts in there were almost same as this one too. And just to add on. Our opposition this weekend, we already played them earlier this season, albeit in the League cup. Thread only lasted 9 pages, 220 replies including for a penalty shootout.
  10. nufcjb


    Loves to try a shot doesn't he? Love that. Some will be shy to even try, even the likes of ASM and Miggy. Training vids too show him having a try at goal often. Was knackered by the end but MOTM performance.
  11. Aye. RTG levels in here sometimes.
  12. Still think we'll survive. It's just the 1st day of December. Not the 1st of April. 2 wins and the table will look a lot better. Some are going on as if the team is still being managed by Steve fucking Bruce and his fellow Steves. Even the stinking Bruce somehow managed to fluke scoring 4 goals and win at Leicester last season when least expected, with the same players that we have right now.
  13. nufcjb

    Joe Willock

    There's always Hendrick or Longstaff if we need a sitting midfielder and Almiron is not that type. Willock does not win the ball, give away fouls and isn't creating much. At least get someone in who can atleast do one of those things.
  14. nufcjb

    Joe Willock

    I have ranted about him since Saturday and I ain't stopping. He is absolutely useless. Gives away needless fouls especially around the box, hardly wins the ball and does little moving forward. Yes he did create the odd chance today but he's a passenger in midfield at the moment. Almiron or Hayden can partner Shelvey. Take this guy out of the team for a while.
  15. Hopefully he sees how good Fernandez was and Lewis at LB is better than Ritchie and Manquillo is better than Krafth. Get Almiron in and replace Willock. Hope he learns his lesson.
  16. Remember the January when Fat Mike suddenly splashed some cash and bought the French brigade in? How bad was our situation then? I know this is worse.
  17. We look a bit lost. Lack of movement and also the back passes has turned it a bit negative though we do still attack. Wilson needs to do a bit more as does Willock.
  18. We need someone in midfield to win the ball. Jonjo doesnt so that, Willock doesn't do that. Hayden is most likely set up for that. He should be there while Shelvey does the passing. Willock does mothing right now so bench him.
  19. I hope this is not how it will be in January. Took ages to sack Bruce, ages to eventually get Howe. Taking ages to settle this. If we take an age to make signings, we'll be in the Championship before they actually put in offers for the players. Sorry, I hate to say it but just had to.
  20. What's the point of these yellow winter balls when you can't see them.in the snow? Where are the bright orange ones?
  21. As much as this huy is our best defender, our LB position is the weakness of the whole defence. How many goals have been conceded through that flank? Really need to get that area tighter and with Ritchie now out for Norwich, get Lewis in with a view to keep him there moving forward. Fed also needs to start.
  22. I remember he shook hands witb Staveley and her husband thebfirst day they visited the training ground. So obviously he is still around but yeah he is a better defender than Krafth and Clarke so he should be the one replacing Lascelles on Tuesday.
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