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  1. nemtizz

    Alan Shearer

    From last year just after the takeover but first time seeing it for me.
  2. He wouldn’t be my first choice either but he’s young, great work rate and has a decent eye for goal. Not saying every play we sign will be a success but you’d be insane not to trust Howe and co. Understandable not to like him before joining us but to genuinely be upset at this you’re a weirdo.
  3. Good point. The music I have of his in my phone are all features.
  4. Listening to Drake before a game to hype you up is nuts.
  5. This is it really. It's understandable that our fanbase isn't yet used to the idea of building a squad, and if he's coming in for that reason it's not as bad as people are making it out to be, even if you don't like him. Some of the same people that lost their shit because Maxi was ill the other week and wanted him gone. It looks as if we're leaving the big signings until the summer but we need to replace Wood.
  6. nemtizz

    Fabian Schär

    My favourite player to watch in the team currently.
  7. nemtizz

    Alexander Isak

    Spot on. His celebration at Anfield is what did it for me, and how he buried the second goal. He's cold as fuck.
  8. nemtizz

    Alexander Isak

    I was so caught wondering how him and Wilson would link-up that I completely forgot about ASM. Think all 3 will be outrageous together.
  9. It's the literal embodiment of a great team with a perfect mentality. Every player fighting for every ball backing up their teammates at every opportunity. Seeing Tripper talk and constantly motivate his other 3 defenders in the warmup is a part of this.
  10. nemtizz

    Nick Pope

    He could be in single figures for goals conceded if we don't throw away the clean sheets vs Fulham and Soton. Ridiculous numbers.
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