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  1. Really wish we just stopped linking his shit articles. Weird man and couldnt care less about what he says.
  2. Cornet 6, wood 3. Ben Mee 2. Burnleys top scorer today is a cb
  3. Kavanagh should have just worn a Leeds shirt today. Gave them absolutely everything while we got nothing. Even if the penalty incident didnt happen I'd have been absolutely furious at him.
  4. nortoon

    Ryan Fraser

    Don't think Murphy gives you much more either. Maybe a bit more pace and strength with worse end-product. All our options are pretty terrible for this position but cb/sm seems more urgent. A quality player on the right would be a fantastic upgrade though. I am a bit surprised about how poor Fraser's finishing and crossing has been since he became a starter though, he got plenty of assists at Bournemouth, seems to have lost a yard of pace too.
  5. Have to disagree with that. Saint-Maximin isnt perfect and won't chase lost causes. But he should have had 2 assists this match if our midfield could finish. Putting him alongside Wood who had the ball bounce off him every time it was played to him is very harsh. I'll give it a go too! Dubs - 8 - huge save in the first half. Trippier - 7 Lascelles - 6, had a few wobbly moments Clark - 7, was too busy jumping around to notice him. Schar - 9, motm by far for me. so composed and didnt put a foot wrong in defense Dummett - 6 Manq - 8 Shel
  6. Absolutely huge win, and so deserved. Schar was fantastic, Manquillo was terrific after he's come on and shut down Raphinha and brought us up the pitch. I feared the worst when Joelinton was taken off, but the whole midfield played well throughout, despite Wilock being mostly terrible in the first half he grew into the game. I would argue that this is the worst and most one-sided refereeing performance i've seen since the takeover though. No wonder how people are coming up with consipiracy theories. Any other team in the league would have gotten that penalty. Every time we got near
  7. Absolutely furious at the referee here. Every 70:30 goes to Leeds even though they are at 30. Fabian Schar man of the match so far. Classy.
  8. He was really getting into the game too. The only midfielder that brings us up the pitch.
  9. Wood is so Burnley. Lets foul the opposition first and look for the ball later.
  10. Dembele/Lingard type deals will go to the wire i expect. Selling clubs know they will leave for free in 6 months so the price will continuously drop as the selling club don't get what they want. In Dembele's case especially he is incredibly overpaid compared to what he offers taking injuries/form into account from what I've read. so the agent will want someone to "match" his wages this January i think. If his contract runs out he will be stuck having to get the highest wage another club will offer him. So i can see us possibly doing this deal if all he wants is money, im not too sure if its th
  11. Jesus christ he's good. Get him back and sub him on for the last 20. Can't be worse than what we have coming on to make an impact.
  12. Feel like Luke Edwards is just trying to be overly positive now cos he spent years being the previous regime's personal lapdog.
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