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  1. Stones' positioning a bit funny there, like it was only 1 centre back
  2. The commentator has been calling the right back Joe Willock the entire game haha. Joe Willock just crossed it to Joe Willock
  3. Man City look like they are playing a pre-season friendly, might get lucky.
  4. Can we please get rid of voldemort
  5. He gets kicked around every match. He should milk it for all its worth. I was absolutely furious today when he got clattered by Fabinho. Watch the likes of Neymar crying I think he is very good about it.
  6. Really inspired substitution by Steve Bruce guys, Sky Sports says so. Most obvious thing in the world to do.
  7. nortoon

    Dwight Gayle

    Dwight Gayle will be so good when he loses his pace, can't wait!
  8. nortoon

    Steve Bruce

    Don't think it affects much to potential new owners. If they will want to bring in their own man replacing any manager is not a huge cost. I'm sure its more annoying being in the champo.
  9. I'd say Manquillo going under the bus tonight after coming back from injury. Completely ignoring Shelvey doing his usual ignore everything move.
  10. Carroll on to stand at the centre circle while we counter around him.
  11. Have we used more than 1 sub? Surely JAcob Murphy, Longstaff, Ritchie. Can do something about the exhausted legs here at the end? Murphy for Fraser should be pretty effective.
  12. The difference on Krafth and Yedlin is massive. So short-sighted letting him go, even before Manquillos injury.
  13. Why did we sell Yedlin, with our luck we gonna be Krafting around for the rest of the season.
  14. Saint Maximin looks exhausted already. The plan to let him do everything clearly in place
  15. Did we forget to tell someone to play right back?
  16. Can't see what Joelinbton offers instead of Almiron out there. Slows down every attack.
  17. I'd like to think he's now serving in the China Military or something. Superstar in China like Nicky Butt! Funny part is I only managed to get about 12 for Shelvey.
  18. Managed to get into the Euro League now. Callum Wilson is insane. And just sold Jeff Hendrick for 26million to China.
  19. I love watching almiron just sprint back like that after the corner. What a luxury player!
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