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  1. I thought Leeds have done ok without looking into it too much. I'll quite happily admit that most of my dislike for Marsch probably wouldn't exist if he wasn't American.
  2. Desperately missing Bruno to link everything up.
  3. Really hope its Lascelles. The ref doing everything for southampton though, someone needed to get in his ear.
  4. Team still is a bit imbalanced. Way too many players whose main strength is off the ball movement. Chances and chances to create have been falling to Willock/Longstaff for weeks now without anything happening. Though i do think Longstaffs ball to Wilson was actually good and Wilson should have been on his toes. I'd swap Willock and Wilson for Isak/Maxi at half time. But i guess we will probably wait a bit.
  5. Can't believe we got that sort of a fee for him. Always tried his hardest, good luck!
  6. 33year old Norwegian. Godfather followed Newcastle so when I was a kid I kind of just went with that, also never liked going for the standard "best teams" like most of my friends who follow Manutd/Liverpool. Loved playing them in Football manager from an early age (martins/owen combo was amazing at one time ). Got really into football at the least perfect time. The season Keegan came back and we got relegated under Ashley, been shit since then but I have managed to get to St. James twice. Once in the champo and I saw Ben Arfa score a screamer live against Villa when we went on to sign nobody on deadline day after qualifying for europe if my memory serves.
  7. Thought maxi was terrific in all aspects in his game yesterday. A couple of the balls he played to get us out of defense were great. The one he played to Wilson arguably should have been a goal if Wilson had managed to put in Willock.
  8. I'd definitely take Gnonto like. Keeps running on and off the ball for the entire 90 minutes. Contracted till 2027 though so should cost a fair bit.
  9. Am I the only one raging that we have 2 yellows and Leicester have none?
  10. 2nd yellow card of the season for Jamaal. Man of the match.
  11. Was shitting myself in the start, thought we'd be lucky to get anything. Arsenal seem a patient and good side. We still ended up having the best chance. And we look dangerous from set-penises. Important that we help Burn with Saka like we've been doing. Joelinton and Schar our best players for me this half.
  12. I have the same attitude to Klopp and Steve Bruce, whenever they start talking i press the mute button or change the channel, just tiresome personalities. In contrast to a Lampard for example whose face I quite enjoy after a loss.
  13. Feel the first half was the worst kind of game for Wood to be playing in as well. Would have been perfect for someone like Isak and also Maxi when we were basically just trading chances. Players without pace just disappeared ie Longstaff.
  14. Really pissed off at the ref after this. Adams and Gnonto should have had yellows quite early on and would have been unable to just kick the shit out of Bruno/Trippier for 90 minutes. Have to give the Leeds manager credit. If we had played like this away to a better team I'd be delighted. Think he guessed correctly that we would bring off ASM from the bench, and waited till he came on to sub a fresh right back on, I was foaming at the mouth to have ASM against Ayling. I love our midfielders but today highlighted that in front of goal against worse opponents we need more quality from the 2 playing in front of Bruno. The positions Longstaff get the ball in during a game really needs to bring some end-product. Especially in good positions at the edge of the box i don't feel confident any of them will do much. If Wood starts we look toothless.
  15. Ref is such a wanker, that non-yellow for their player and Tripps getting a yellow that shouldnt even have a free kick, plus the pen. Sick of him. We are looking a bit lacklustre when we reach the goal, very good at getting there. Wood should have managed to put in Joe on 2 minutes. Crying out for ASM and Wilson. Doublesub at HT with Longstaff and Wood off would do me. Maxi especially should get so much space to run at a yellow carded Ayling.
  16. The handball was the worst decision by far. The defender has his hands behind his back to not handball it, then takes it back out to save the ball.
  17. None of the replays showed any touch on Willock, so the linesman giving it off the wrong side of the play 2 minutes after is just ridiculous, if you can't see it let it go, they are just guessing for fucks sake.
  18. Obviously Howe turned it down so they had to settle for 2nd best.
  19. England centre back options are pretty dire. Didn't think much about Burn missing out initially, but I would definitely say he deserves it more than the likes of Coady and especially Magiure.
  20. Is it Dion Dublin on commentary though? wish he did premier league.
  21. Wasnt there a Qatar player like 1 metre behind the person with the "offside" leg who wasnt included in the animation-thingy, am I just imagining that?
  22. Willock has looked very strong and consistently winning duels, thougth he's been the best player for us today. Murphy should go off if Maxi can do 45 minutes. We aren't playing that well and might still not win this, so hopefully we go up a gear a-la Aston Villa. The referee though is boiling my piss, Ward Prowse just has to ask nicely and they get every little niggling shitfoul.
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