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    It shows the task at hand regardless of who takes over.
  2. I’ll look forward to hopefully never seeing this formation/lineup from next week.
  3. I’m being a a bit of a miserable bastard here but the amount of fans walking around with tea towels on their heads is embarrassing and really short sighted in relation to some of the criticisms aimed at our fan base.
  4. Emery would be a fantastic appointment I think. He was given a rough deal at Arsenal and he’s one of the better more realistic names I’ve seen linked recently. He’s worlds ahead of the Lampards, Gerards etc
  5. St1pe

    Steve Bruce

    For me the Bruce interview is exactly why he shouldn’t be here. He represents negativity despite the overwhelmingly positive week it’s been. Rather than talking up the match and the spectacle that it should be he’s droning on, wallowing in self-pity and getting digs in. He’s the underperforming managerial representation of the Ashley era and I can’t wait until he’s no longer associated with us. Jones should have been in charge until they got someone else in. Instead we’ve given this bloke a platform to sulk in for another week or so.
  6. St1pe

    Steve Bruce

    Whatever the logic behind it, I’m still canny livid he hasn’t been sacked yet.
  7. St1pe

    Steve Bruce

    I think we’ll see a far better performance from the players in the next game. People forget how morale crushing it must be for them playing for a club clearly going nowhere with a manager happy to tick over. Even if Jones is in charge I bet we see far more from this group who’ve been underachieving massively.
  8. St1pe

    Steve Bruce

    Getting a bit anxious he hasn’t been thrown into the Tyne yet.
  9. Doesn’t want massive investment in favour of a team that’s been selling their best players every year while investing very little? Seems likely.
  10. I was wondering whether he’d consider it sooner. Assuming Everton were prepared to let him go/sell him.
  11. I can’t believe we’re actually on the cusp of this. After arbitration was delayed in the summer and Bruce was hell bent on dragging us down with him I didn’t really have any hope left.
  12. Seen a few try hard “bittersweet” comments on twitter if the Saudi takeover is approved. Everything is terrible and we’re heading for obscurity if this doesn’t happen. Just enjoy the hope and prospect of something better you miserable bastards.
  13. Well I was really trying not to get caught up in this but that Caulkin tweet has done me.
  14. St1pe

    Sean Longstaff

    Thought this was pretty interesting given how some have been rating his effort levels. I can’t really comment as I’ve barely watched anything more than the Sky highlights.
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