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  1. I’ve totally u-turned on this transfer like the complete fickle mug of a fan that I am. I’m a sucker for a new signing and now think he’ll be good. Based on nothing at all I should add.
  2. Signing Madison this window would be a massive statement of intent. Can’t see it happening but wow!
  3. Was that when Sissoko put in the worst outfield performance in living memory? If it’s the game im thinking of I was sat behind the dugout while he was playing right midfield and I watched him amble about completely disinterested for the entire half. We nearly scored late on as well and it would have been a robbery.
  4. I’m assuming this has been answered already but did he play for Everton in the carabao cup?
  5. I’m pretty sure every single one of us that thinks he’s shite and we’ve overpaid will be absolutely buzzing if he turns out to be great. Hopefully he’s given a fair crack of the whip
  6. The only positive way I can spin this is I used to have a friend who was a massive Everton fan. When Stones wanted to leave he was absolutely shit and overrated according to him and it seems to be a bit of a theme from their fan base. I’m hoping that’s the case with Gordon.
  7. Saying the same as everyone but Everton have got the better deal here. He’s got to improve a lot to justify that fee and it’s a big one for a club in FFP turmoil. No one else was gonna pay that. Despite thinking he’s shite I’ll give him a fair shot from now on as I’m sure everyone else will. If he’s the only incoming it’s a missed opportunity for us to ensure European football though - it’d be very underwhelming when so many others are strengthening.
  8. I’d honestly forgotten about him. I bet he’s on good wages given he signed on a free.
  9. That would make more sense. I’d just read they chose Dyche so assumed they didn’t want to give into what Bielsa wanted.
  10. Everton are such bottlers man. Imagine turning down Bielsa who could be transformative for them for Dyche who’s going to keep them up every season. Pathetic.
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