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  1. I’ve barely followed any information about us since the Euros and was pinning everything on the arbitration hearing that was built up like closure rather than what we got. After the hearing I think it’s the most apathy I’ve had for the club yet that carrot is still dangling somewhere in the distance. I’ll probably follow us this season despite what I’d claim. One thing that’s really pissed me off is how Ashley gets away with another season of criminally under investing and barely any media outlet seems prepared to take him to task for. We can’t realistically expect to stay a Premier
  2. I can’t quite get my head around how this obvious mistake has happened. So much for him going out on loan to gain match fitness then. Not that we expected anything else.
  3. Good signing. Pretty staggered reading the outpouring of hate from Everton fans in the comments at their signings. Given they’ve spent Champions League money for the past couple of seasons to scrape mid-table it must have gone to their heads.
  4. Lemina is properly awful. He’s been a liability most games I’ve seen him play in and he’s had some really poor games v us. The one up here when he was at Southampton under Hughes (I think) sticks out. We’re really poor in midfield and we’re trying to sign someone who won’t improve that. This season is going to be horrendous.
  5. This whole process past the first few weeks last April has been nothing but repeated kicks in the balls.
  6. It seems odd saying this but despite not conceding I don’t think we look that good defensively. We certainly don’t use the ball well in those circumstances and the longer the game goes on it just reverted to booting it upfield. None of the three sides we’ve played have really attacked us that much which is odd given we don’t seem to have an organised plan to counter quickly. I’m not the biggest fan of Maguire but I thought having him over Mings was an obvious boost. The benefit of having centre backs with at least an intention to drive forward and pass the ball forward was way better
  7. I don’t think there was a player worth a mention that didn’t try and play it safe at every opportunity. Rice can’t continue for much longer surely? Colback levels of backwards passing. He didn’t even get close to make a tackle either.
  8. Kane playing so deep really doesn’t work well without any real attempt to run in behind him.
  9. Decent win but thought we were pretty flat and didn’t use the ball well at all. I don’t think we looked comfortable when we had it going forward. Rice looks terrified with the ball at times. Phillips was brilliant though, breath of fresh air seeing that tenacity in the middle combined with the first time passes.
  10. Is there a forum fantasy football league for the Euros?
  11. Mings being picked over Godfrey or White seems madness to me. He’s been properly awful on a few occasions this season.
  12. St1pe

    Graeme Jones

    Remember when people were writing this guy off because he was from the lower leagues
  13. Out of interest which poster won this?
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