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  1. Alli and Lingard has the potential to help us stay up with ease or completely nosedive. I’m all for both at this point.
  2. Annoyingly good point for Burnley.
  3. Given how shit we’ve been, how infrequently we win, drinking in every positive post, Twitter thread and video from the game feels absolutely glorious today.
  4. Immortals Fenyx Rising I’m an absolute sucker for open world games like Far cry, Assassins Creed. I don’t even mind the busy map icons with things you have to inspect/clear. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure thing. Immortals is basically all of the little things like that that’s worked in other games without any substance behind it. I don’t have much game time anymore so when I saw this in the sale for £15 I thought I’d pick it up and give it a try. Initially I thought it ticked the boxes of all of the things I quite like in games until after a few hours I discov
  5. After seeing bits of Norwich v Watford last night I think we are still somehow worse than both of those. This performance isn’t screaming of a team likely to get out of trouble. I’m not sure what the answer is short of a full clear out.
  6. What’s the alternative? Clark? He’s weaker in the air and made bigger errors.
  7. Hope Willock has a good game because we’ll need something a long side Shelvey. I thought I read they had players out too. That first 11 looks pretty strong!
  8. I wonder how impactful this result at the weekend will be on the remainder of the transfer window both in terms of effort to sign players and how receptive players are to joining and trying to help us stay up.
  9. I don’t think he’s looked good anywhere outside of that left wing position in a front three. Him, Rondon and Perez were incredible together and all seemed to peak in that trio. I know he had spells as a 10 looking ok but ASM is better at him and plays all of the same roles. Like a few of our others players I’m surprised how shite he’s been this season mind.
  10. Reading a few people starting to criticise the board now. It seems weird after years of non-activity and Ashley. I get it’s frustrating but we’re trying to buy players with the worst bargaining chips. We’re desperate and have some apparent wealth now. Every club is trying to take the piss and they probably should. I’m following a few others on here now and taking a backward step (translates and not refreshing Twitter/this thread all day) as the constant non-progress in transfers just feels like yet more disappointment.
  11. Man U reluctant to sell and Lingard preferring a move back to London? Would be surprised if this came off.
  12. St1pe


    Absolutely love him man 😂
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