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    I think the Southampton point and the Leeds one probably relegated us. Bruce seems close to the edge to me and those points will just keep him going on long enough where the damage will be irreparable by the time he leaves/is ever sacked.
  2. St1pe

    Steve Bruce

    Hope doing the same to Bruce as he did in twisting the knife on McClaren. He’s the only journalists that’s been prepared to go the extra mile.
  3. I wonder if Townsend regrets leaving us to work under Benitez in favour of having Pardew as a manager. It torpedoed his England career.
  4. Wonder if Everton fans are still scoffing at Benitez signing Gray and Townsend.
  5. St1pe

    Steve Bruce

    Bored of this narrative now and particularly bored with Shearer refusing to criticise his mate in the media. Most of what he said there is true and I’m not disagreeing with that but we’re vastly underperforming with the players we have available. We performed way better, more organised and more intricately with Benitez with a far weaker group of players. As a club we’re capped with what we can achieve with Ashley but with Bruce we’re rapidly turning into a side that doesn’t deserve to a Premier League one.
  6. Murphy arguably our best player so far this season and he’s dropped.
  7. Even after all this time I still find stuff like this painful. That feeling of trusting the manager and knowing we’re performing at our absolute limit is long gone.
  8. You’ve got to wonder who’s idea that was.
  9. St1pe

    Steve Bruce

    I’m kind of curious to see how he deals with it in the media. I’m desperate for him to walk. It’s the only hope I’ve got left.
  10. It was the same with the takeover stuff. He was always commenting after the fact.
  11. Early days on this but I can’t see how we can stay up with Bruce as manager. I don’t think the squad is amazing but we should manage survival with anyone even remotely organised.
  12. That’s arguably our strongest 11 available but still expecting nothing.
  13. Will Hughes would have been a cheap, very clear upgrade for us as well.
  14. Nomination for worst post of the season in the first game. Impressive.
  15. Don’t think I’ve seen a better defence lineup for us than those plus Lejeune. Such a shame.
  16. Literally the first game of the season and I’m already irritated at the starting lineup. No Lascelles or Schar in favour of Krafth and Clark. There’s absolutely no logic at all in that.
  17. I only saw bits of the highlights but you can already see why he’s signed Townsend and Gray to compliment DCL. I really miss having a manager with an actual plan. It’s a shame he isn’t respected where he’s at, for now at least.
  18. Yea, for whatever reason I thought they were going to close it before the season kicked off to avoid the usual run of players being unsettled while they’re trying to be signed by other clubs.
  19. St1pe

    Joe Willock

    I honestly thought this would be like previous seasons where we let another player slip away. I’m pleasantly surprised we’re actually trying to buy him rather than a last minute loan. I know there’s time for it to fall through but this would be a big boost going into the season.
  20. Awful player. Bet it happens.
  21. I’ve barely followed any information about us since the Euros and was pinning everything on the arbitration hearing that was built up like closure rather than what we got. After the hearing I think it’s the most apathy I’ve had for the club yet that carrot is still dangling somewhere in the distance. I’ll probably follow us this season despite what I’d claim. One thing that’s really pissed me off is how Ashley gets away with another season of criminally under investing and barely any media outlet seems prepared to take him to task for. We can’t realistically expect to stay a Premier
  22. I can’t quite get my head around how this obvious mistake has happened. So much for him going out on loan to gain match fitness then. Not that we expected anything else.
  23. Good signing. Pretty staggered reading the outpouring of hate from Everton fans in the comments at their signings. Given they’ve spent Champions League money for the past couple of seasons to scrape mid-table it must have gone to their heads.
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