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  1. The exact same thing occurred to me earlier. If the CAT case is allowed to proceed then Ashley is pursuing this regardless cos he wants his pound of flesh. If all of these supposed earth-shattering revelations are true then surely the sale going through and CAT being dropped is now the PLs best option?
  2. I really want to believe that they chose that emoji because it looks like an angry Steve Wraith. Also, "Newcastle fans were abusing me and you were liking their tweets". That's a hell of a statement from a guy who claims to have broad shoulders.
  3. I wouldn't trust a word he says, seems to be well in with ET's boyfriend.
  4. Here's my rap, and I'll be blunt, My name is Luke, and I'm a cunt, When this takeover fails, I'll be delighted, And my son will still love Womanchester United.
  5. If it isn't PIF planes, it's Amanda Staveley's car crash.
  6. Yep, walked by it a few weeks ago and it was in a pretty bad way. There was also a door to Nine Bar which had been boarded up with plywood. The back of The Gallowgate is the first part of the stadium a lot of people see and it just looked abysmal, particularly with the club shop being vacant at the time. I know that the decrepit state of SJP has been discussed to death but it's just so sad to see the place in such an awful state.
  7. If we do win then Gary Hoffman's dog will eat the resubmitted paperwork. Can't help but think that there will be some sort of further stalling process.
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    Me and the Mrs are now 7 days into self-isolation and it's been hard going, especially with having two dogs. The wife tested positive just over a week ago, which was a couple of days after getting her second jab. Ironically, one of the few places she could have caught it was at the Centre for Life. It's just been like a bad head cold for her, but she's usually wiped out by teatime and has to go to bed. I've been fine and have continued to test negative, been double-jabbed since mid-June so not sure if that has anything to do with it.
  9. deejeck

    Today I learned...

    Yeah, club was called 'Change is...' and he opened it as a joint venture with some local businessman from Darras Hall. From what I've read the guy fleeced Monkhouse out of a big chunk of his life savings. Don't know the tale about the Krays but I'm going to ask my Dad if he remembers anything, as he worked at Newcastle Breweries at the time which was right next to the club. Think the reason he ended up in Forest Hall was so that his son could attend Percy Hedley. He also lived in Wylam for a bit as well.
  10. deejeck

    Today I learned...

    Bob Monkhouse used to live in Forest Hall.
  11. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-takeover-richard-masters-ombudsman-21024422?kj=
  12. No idea who John Textor is, but when you google him it brings up a stack of photos so he instantly has one up on Henry Mauriss. There's even a photo of him and his lass in fancy dress.
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