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    Steve Bruce

    "I really wish I'd had a second go at that buffet."
  2. deejeck


    Yep, that bit just after Gateshead Stadium was not pleasant, then looking across and seeing everyone running up the slip road on the other side and realising there was another hilly bit coming up straight away. Running through town was a proper buzz though, just wished I'd had enough in my tank to enjoy it a bit more. Need to force myself to incorporate more hills in my runs because sticking to nice flat routes properly bit me on the arse yesterday.
  3. Ready or not, Here they come, Lube your bum.
  4. At this stage, they could either try and explain it, or double down. Looks like they're going with the second one...
  5. Playing Watford four times home and away in the space of a fortnight to try and resolve a cup tie, and still going out in the third round. Getting howked three nowt at Sheff Utd in the league Cup when they were (I think) in the third division. The circle of life.
  6. Great, that. Yep, three league wins and one of those was under Colin Suggett. Will never understand how we were so shit and yet still managed to take 4 points off Liverpool.
  7. Another chalk line in the wrong column for the alien nonce.
  8. It's so sad to see. Something to do with his thyroid, there's a bit about it here: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/showbiz-news/chris-kamara-opens-up-health-20857837.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  9. deejeck

    Steve Bruce

    I agree, he's a knocking bet to be riddled with severe gout, the unhealthy fat cunt.
  10. At some point they'll need to have a sale to clear some of the stock, and if they knock 50% off those hoodies they'll still be extortionately overpriced. Long gone are the days of going into Start Fitness and picking recent training kit for a tenner a pop.
  11. deejeck

    Steve Bruce

    Hard to disagree with this. Time may have diluted my dislike of Pardew, but I'm guilty of appreciating him for a spell when he was here and that season when we finished fifth I thought that we might be on to something with him. Also, as you say, Pardew never really went out of his way to hide the fact that he was a smug wanker. Bruce is just a cunt in sheep's clothing.
  12. I'm lucky enough to have a copy of his album, 091. It's fantastic. In other news, I see Nick the Baker has started cutting three bits off his freshly baked bread. PIF are dropping their share to 70%, it's on again
  13. deejeck

    Steve Bruce

    Fucking marvellous! William of Ockham is alive and well, and proving that he knew what he was talking about.
  14. deejeck

    Steve Bruce

    I mean, are we really supposed to believe that Jones was appointed as a result of a request from Bruce?! I just don't buy that at all. Mind, having said that I'm still pretty astounded that anybody at the club was proactive enough to both identify the need for a more tactical, forward thinking coach, and then actually go out and recruit someone.
  15. The exact same thing occurred to me earlier. If the CAT case is allowed to proceed then Ashley is pursuing this regardless cos he wants his pound of flesh. If all of these supposed earth-shattering revelations are true then surely the sale going through and CAT being dropped is now the PLs best option?
  16. I really want to believe that they chose that emoji because it looks like an angry Steve Wraith. Also, "Newcastle fans were abusing me and you were liking their tweets". That's a hell of a statement from a guy who claims to have broad shoulders.
  17. Liam's twitter hiatus didn't last long...
  18. I wouldn't trust a word he says, seems to be well in with ET's boyfriend.
  19. Here's my rap, and I'll be blunt, My name is Luke, and I'm a cunt, When this takeover fails, I'll be delighted, And my son will still love Womanchester United.
  20. A leveraged buyout by an American investor
  21. If it isn't PIF planes, it's Amanda Staveley's car crash.
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