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  1. Given its now made in Yorkshire, no thanks.
  2. Or other wealthy gulf states step in with sponsorship.
  3. Didn’t Amanda say that they would be announcing new sponsors at the end of this month? Hope so.
  4. The ignorant twats on RTG wouldn’t be able to point to where Saudi is on a world map. Jealous and destroyed by our takeover and its superb to watch.
  5. Our takeover has really fucked with their heads.
  6. I caught ITV News this morning and they were reporting live outside SJP discussing an independent regulator for football, as if it was prompted by our takeover. The call for a regulator was prompted by the failed ESL attempt not our takeover, however the media still aren’t happy and are desperate to make the Crouch report about us.
  7. Loans player numbers are restricted by the league, we’ll still have to buy players, that’s if we’re talking about bringing in 4-5 new faces. https://www.premierleague.com/news/464747
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