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  1. Because the PL wouldn't dare throw a club out because of who their owners are. The precedent, the impact on other teams and the legal process would tie them up for years.
  2. He looks exactly like Allardyce. Once you see it, it can’t be unseen:
  3. Turns out the PL retrospectively blocked the wedding as the Spurs chairman fancies a crack.
  4. All the info is here: https://www.google.com/search?q=nufc+cat&source=lnms&tbm=nws
  5. It does - they knew it was coming and were trying to smoke the PL out before the delay was agreed.
  6. But if PIF bought a sports retail business, which happened to own NUFC, with all the ramifications for UK high street trade, it would massively complicate the PLs objections.
  7. And that's the most telling comment of all isn't it? It's a footballing version of the Groucho. “There’s a club in the North, son, and you’re not part of it.” Dave Whelan to Mike Ashley Here's a question for you - what if PIF simply bought MASH holdings or whatever was needed? Including the wider businesses.
  8. I wouldn't have Steve Bruce in charge of wiping my arse.
  9. What about Dave Beasant? That was a cluster-fuck of a transfer. We never did well with Wimbledon players before Barton. - Glynn Hodges was another. Or for another goalie, Mike Hooper, the birdwatcher.
  10. Malcolm Allen looked like an excellent buy before injury - but we’ll never know. Financially, it must be Carroll who cost us nowt. But for me, it’s Brian Kincline - without him, we drop to Div3 in ‘92 and face Armageddon. ‘Keegan is in no doubt about the contribution Kilcline made. “Brian was brilliant,” he said. “He doesn’t think the world owes him a living. A great pro. He got in among the players and helped turn the club around.” Or to sum up: “The best signing I ever made for Newcastle United.”’ The other players
  11. Whats the criteria? I’m inclined to mention players like Feraday or Franz Carr but I suspect the fees were so relatively low… Similarly, players like Kilcline or Rob Lee had a positive impact well above measurement by fees or goals.
  12. He is literally saying that his mate wrote the book on sports arbitration.
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