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  1. Beth

    Steve Bruce

    When you look at our first six fixtures compared those of the teams below us you can tell we're fucked unless Bruce fucks off and/or Wilson stays fit when he comes back from injury. (So we are fucked).
  2. Just watched the highlights, we looked like a Poundland Man City.
  3. Beth

    Steve Bruce

    No chance. We'll get our usual 1-1 against Wolves and lose the other three games.
  4. Beth

    Graeme Jones

    We all know Jones is getting the job if Bruce gets the bullet. The same man that had a 29% win rate at Luton.
  5. Beth

    Dwight Gayle

    I know, it's actually Deacon.
  6. Beth

    Dwight Gayle

    I'd still have him in ahead of Linton every single game.
  7. Beth

    Freddie Woodman

    I agree, nowt to do with Bruce or the coaching staff (for a change).
  8. Beth

    Freddie Woodman

    I was all for him coming in as No 2 or even challenging Dubravka this season but tbh he's looked a million miles from being a PL quality keeper. Yes he's still young but Given had played two full seasons for us at the same age.
  9. Beth

    Dwight Gayle

    Despite his shitty attitude I'd have Gayle starting ahead of Linton every single game. The most tragic thing is we gave him an extended contract in the vain hope of getting a transfer fee for him rather than him fucking off on a free, which we will do in three years time anyway with him having scored maybe 10 more goals in total.
  10. I guess you're old enough to remember Blue Peter in the early 80s.......
  11. I fancy JoeDeacon to notch one of his three goals this season in a "plucky" 1-1.
  12. Beth


    He's like an expensive pair of shoes that are too small for you, but as you can't get a refund for them you wear them no matter what in a vain attempt to get your moneys worth.....
  13. Beth


    Home to Brentford our first win of the season?
  14. Wilson if he played 38 games a season would get between 13-15 goals Gayle if he played 38 games a season would get between 7-9 goals Joelinton if he played 38 games a season would get between 2-3 goals Guess which one is never injured????
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