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    Chatted it over tonight with the bro-in-law who was going with us, and have decided to cancel our NY trip, due to go at the weekend. Have just applied for the voucher from BA, which we'll aim to use to rebook for next December (fingers crossed). Just decided that with the pre-departure test, we couldn't take the risk of one of us testing positive, and then having to isolate over there over christmas. Also, the chance of testing positive on return, would potentially mean not being able to see family over here either. Have also contacted the testing companies
  2. TK-421


    Spoke to the wife before and we're going to sleep on it, but think I'll be checking our options with BA tomorrow, who we'd booked the trip with (flight + hotel package). Hopefully we'll qualify for a voucher refund at least so we can rebook for a future date... who knows, maybe things will be better next christmas?! If we can get a voucher or full refund, it'll then be on to cancelling and hopefully getting refunds for the tests we'd already booked.
  3. TK-421


    Yep, they've basically just reinstated the travel testing regimes from the summer.
  4. TK-421


    Yep, just seen that. Probably the end of our trip to NY for this year, as along with added cost for another required test, the worry that a positive result means having to isolate over there over christmas.
  5. On the SD signs and Sponsorship, I know AS mentioned end of November for signs potentially coming down and new sponsors, but wasn't the PL linked party ban thingy extended to early December (seem to remember 4th being mentioned)? So perhaps things are ready to go, subject to that? Also on the warm up/down room, it does look a short term measure and quickly knocked up, and maybe something Howe as asked for as the club was clearly so behind the times it didn't even have such a facility for the players.
  6. Some top drawer journalism at the Chronic, regarding Fernandez coming on last night.... Headline: What Eddie Howe shouted after Ciaran Clark red card hints at what Newcastle United have missed Story: Ryan Fraser was soon earmarked as the player to be sacrificed and Howe beckoned Federico Fernandez over with a shout of: “Fede!”
  7. Hopefully Howe saw enough to stick with Schar and Feddy on Saturday, and not bring Lascelles straight back in, club captain or not.
  8. TK-421


    Biden to announce US Covid Travel measures tomorrow, which could scupper our plans, if everything mentioned happens... https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/11/30/omicron-stricter-travel-rules-us-entry/ Pre-Departure tests 1 day ahead of travel for all entering US (instead of 3 days for fully vaccinated) Possible introduction of rapid test over there after 3 or 5 days Possible 7 day self-isolation required for all travellers Our pre-departure test is (by chance) booked for the day before anyway, but need clarity on tests over there (if they make them
  9. TK-421


    Last time we visited (Dec 2019) we stayed at Hilton Brooklyn. Nice hotel, not far from a Subway station (Schermerhorn Street), and not too far a walk to Brooklyn Bridge area. Booked it as part of Flight+Hotel package with British Airways, which are heavily discounted, so not sure how much it costs to book separate/direct. We are due over again on 12th December for 5 nights, subject to any changes due to this Covid variant. Staying at 'Doubletree Hilton Times Sq West' in Manhattan this time, again booked through BA Holidays (in a sale last December)
  10. TK-421

    The weather

    Got a light covering of a snow, but a heavy frost in outer west (NE15), but working from home today anyway, so I'm glad I don't have to venture out. We have come through the weekend storm ok too, with no apparent roof damage. Though some neighbours appear to have slipped and/or missing roof/ridge tiles.
  11. TK-421


    We're supposed to be off to New York for 5 nights, in just under 2 weeks time. Had booked Lateral Flows for the Day 2 tests, but cancelled them for a refund after Bozza's announcement. Holding off ordering the PCR tests incase anything else changes (additional tests at US side, or even travel ban reinstated). Also, the need to isolate on return until a negative result comes back could scupper the trip altogether, I could work from home, but not sure if the wife could. So could be a cancellation of the trip, and we'd get a voucher for the booking cost to use in next year
  12. Was wondering why they'd need a fitness room at the stadium,. but wonder if the plan is either to train at the stadium more often, and as such this room is for those are maybe doing physio? But also, maybe this is getting ready for training ground redevelopment/development when they cant train there?
  13. Ghostbusters: Afterlife Decent, enjoyable, tons of nods and fan service to the original, and a couple of nice moments/surprises. I also had 'something in my eye' at the end. But overall.... Also, stay through to the end of the credits... right to the end.
  14. TK-421

    Films in the pipeline

    Going to see Ghostbusters: Afterlife tonight, at the Metrocentre.
  15. TK-421


    Ordered some more of the free NHS LFT's last week and they arrived Sunday, but included a PCR test, as they are sending them out randomly, I think due to inaccuracies with the LFT's. Anyway, I had no symptoms but took and sent off the test, and result was negative. But having been to see Sam Fender at the Arena last week, surrounded by thousands not wearing masks, it was reassuring that I didn't catch it there (so far). Checked the NHS site earlier and I'm not eligible to book my booster yet, as my 2nd vax was in July, so I have to wait until January, unless they lower the gap.
  16. TK-421

    The Gallaghers

    Noel is Headlining what appears to be a new concert thing on Town Moor next year, called 'Rock n Roll Circus'... https://www.rocknrollcircus.co.uk/ Further artists to be announced but its on Blaydon races day... 9th June.
  17. Was it 5 or 6 corners we had in that first half?? #IsThisRealLife?
  18. Under Bruce, no way were coming back to level from behind. Howe effect very visible already. Lets hope we can get somethign out of this match ultimately!
  19. Probably more shots on target already this match than last 4 or 5 under the Bacon fraud!
  20. Equaliser was disappointing, especially so quick, but at least we're getting forward, getting stuck in and trying to win it back when lose it. Definite shift change compared to under Bruce. Lets see if the match fitness improves over the 90mins.
  21. TK-421

    Upcoming gigs

    Sam Fender rearranged gig at the Arena tonight.
  22. TK-421

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Sure I saw that Richard Lewis managed to film 1 ep. for S11.
  23. Oh aye, clearly nothing dodgy went on at all then! Was all fine when the PL were delaying and kicking the can down the road for 18 months, but as soon as they finally approve the takeover, there's uproar and he's being forced to resign!
  24. TK-421

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Have to concur that this season is a bit of a slow burn, with only a few decent laughs. Think it's missing Marty Funkouser too, as did S10. Vince Vaughn as his nephew ain't a worthy replacement.
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