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  1. If Liverpool came calling for any Villa manager they would go
  2. Lewandowski also barely played in a big game all season. Was injured when they got knocked out in the CL quarters and did pretty well with a terrible Poland team in the summer. It just wasn't a stellar year overall
  3. Last year he was. Joke it was cancelled
  4. I don't get this. Think it's just fatigue. He had a great year when at Barca and won the Copa America while completely dominating it. What someone does in the new season doesn't really matter
  5. If you look at Barca since he left his record looks a lot better than at the time. I know they collapsed twice in Europe but that Liverpool side that came back against them would beat the Barca side since Valverde left about 10-0 on aggregate
  6. I really like Neymar as a player but think PSG would be better with another midfielder or Di Maria in and let Messi and Mbappe free
  7. On the other hand would they be as dominant with a proper centre forward? That 10/15 minutes in the middle of the half was unbelievable by City
  8. Man City PSG is great
  9. Imagine Brucie trying to tell Ronaldo he should take Monday and Tuesday off each week
  10. In terms of finding players I think even if they came in now January wouldn't be enough time for a DOF to make a massive difference but a bit concerning maybe about who is going to be doing the negotiating in January if nobody does come in
  11. Seferovic has built a whole career on missing sitters
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