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  1. Obviously these things can ramp up but 200 USD really wouldn't go far in Australia. I spend that on an average night out
  2. Green Street for the first time in years. Frodo is a horrendous actor
  3. They had to pull the financial lever because of La Liga's own rules
  4. He was definitely guilty The voice recordings and images were enough
  5. triggs

    Daft questions

    If they need salt they're not class
  6. Mitoma is outrageous. Don't understand how a player of that style goes unnoticed until now
  7. Are work permits not a thing anymore? Feels like everybody is buying random South Americans now
  8. Have Spurs ever tried Richarlison as a striker with Kane behind?
  9. Lloris has been shit for years
  10. Some people thought Haaland was better than Mbappe
  11. RIP to a football legend. The game is so different that you can't compare across the eras but he's clearly one of the greatest of all time.
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